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DockerCon 2017 Roundup

by Adam Armstrong

2017’s DockerCon was held in Austin, Texas this past week. DockerCon is the annual conference centered on the container industry and community. Below is a round up of all the pressing news that was dropped at the event. We will be featuring news from StorageOS, TwistLock, Mesosphere, and Mirantas.

2017’s DockerCon was held in Austin, Texas this past week. DockerCon is the annual conference centered on the container industry and community. Below is a round up of all the pressing news that was dropped at the event. We will be featuring news from StorageOS, TwistLock, Mesosphere, and Mirantas.

StorageOS Releases Public Beta Of Its Developer License

Following up the private beta testing with media and financial services industries, StorageOS is releasing a public beta of its developer license for Docker users. StorageOS is a “software-based, policy driven, distributed storage platform designed and built by a team of architects, engineers and developers from major financial services organizations to solve the real-world problems they faced in their former jobs.” Customers that seek to deploy highly available databases in containerized apps are the ideal use cases for StorageOS.

The new public beta provides:

  • High availability, high performance, persistent block storage
  • Access to storage volumes through Docker and Kubernetes plugins
  • Policy driven management of storage features
  • Management via the RESTful API, CLI or GUI


TwistLock Releases Version 2.0

TwistLock released the latest version of its flagship container security solution, TwistLock 2.0. The update contains a better user interface, higher performance, and several new features. TwistLock is able to provide security from large enterprises all the way down to smaller development teams.

New features include:

  • Embedded secret detection and blocking: Checks for compliance of .509 keys, SSH keys, AWS tokens, and other credentials stored in the clear within image file systems or provided to containers via unencrypted environment variables.
  • Certificate authentication: For organizations using public key infrastructure, Twistlock has added support for authentication, ensuring users stay secure everywhere they log on.
  • Jenkins Pipeline Support: Twistlock 2.0 expands on Twistlock’s native integrations with Jenkins, adding support for Jenkins Pipeline, a powerful way to create build automation as code, and increases efficiency and reusability.
  • Improved file integrity assurance: A set of additions to Twistlock’s file integrity capabilities, including certificate monitoring within images, user-defined file monitoring, and advanced heuristics combined with process behavior to detect anomalous behavior.


Mirantis Releases Kubernetes Distribution

Mirantis released its Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP) 1.0 that is a commercially-supported distribution of OpenStack and Kubernetes, delivered in a single, integrated package. MCP will be offered through a build-operate-transfer delivery model.

Mirantis Cloud Platform 1.0 consists of:

  • Open Cloud Software — providing a single platform to orchestrate VMs, containers and bare metal compute resources by:
  • Expanding Mirantis OpenStack to include Kubernetes for container orchestration.
  • Complementing the virtual compute stacks with best-in-class open source software defined networking (SDN), specifically Mirantis OpenContrail for VMs and bare metal, and Calico for containers.
  • Featuring Ceph, the most popular open source software defined storage (SDS), for both Kubernetes and OpenStack.
  • DriveTrain– Mirantis DriveTrain sets the foundation for DevOps style lifecycle management of the open cloud software stack by enabling continuous integration, continuous testing and continuous delivery through a CI/ CD pipeline. DriveTrain enables:
  • Increased Day 1 flexibility to customize the reference architecture and configurations during initial software installation.
  • Greater ability to perform Day 2 operations such as post-deployment configuration, functionality and architecture changes.
  • Seamless version updates through an automated pipeline to a virtualized control plane to minimize downtime.
  • StackLight — enables strict compliance to availability SLAs by providing continuous monitoring of the open cloud software stacks through a unified set of software services and dashboards.
  • StackLight avoids lock-in by including best-in-breed open source software for log management, metrics and alerts.
  • It includes a comprehensive DevOps portal that displays information such as StackLight visualization and DriveTrain configuration settings.
  • The entire Mirantis StackLight toolchain is purpose-built for MCP to enable up to 99.99% uptime service level agreements with Mirantis Managed OpenStack.

Mirantis Cloud Platform 1.0 is available now. Customers currently using Mirantis OpenStack will be offered an upgrade path.

Mirantis Cloud Platform 1.0

Mesosphere Announces Major Milestones

Mesosphere, the creator of DC/OS, announced that it has hit several major milestones on its one-year anniversary of launching its open source project. Mesosphere is announcing four major announcements:

  • Growing adoption: More than 100,000 clusters have been launched by a community of open source users and 100 enterprise customers, including Autodesk, ESRI and Verizon. In North America alone, four of the top 10 largest banks by assets and three of the top five cable providers by subscribers are powered by Mesosphere DC/OS.
  • Integrated data services: DC/OS now has more than 100 integrated services – a 5x increase from one year ago. Nexus Repository from Sonatype is now available to help developers ship applications faster.
  • Commitment to open source: Mesosphere is leading a new collaboration for a storage specification known as Container Storage Interface (CSI), along with Docker, Dell Technologies, Google, and Pivotal.
  • O’Reilly DC/OS book: The company also announced the release of the first book on Mesosphere DC/OS from O’Reilly: Application Delivery with DC/OS: Building and Running Modern Data-Driven Apps.


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