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Supermicro Unveils Powerful and Versatile X14 Server Portfolio

by Jordan Ranous

The Supermicro X14 family of servers are here, featuring the latest Intel Xeon 6 CPUs and a configuration for practically every need.

Supermicro has introduced its latest and most advanced server lineup, the X14 portfolio. This new range of servers promises to deliver exceptional performance, efficiency, and versatility, building on Supermicro’s industry-leading Building Block Solutions and integrating their rack-scale capabilities and liquid cooling solutions. The X14 portfolio is designed to meet the demanding needs of AI, HPC, Cloud, and Edge workloads powered by the upcoming Intel Xeon 6 processors, previously codenamed Sierra Forest and Granite Rapids.

The X14 servers represent the next generation of Supermicro’s Intel Xeon-based platforms, which have been proven in large-scale deployments across various industries. The portfolio includes over 15 families of systems optimized for a wide array of workloads, from GPU-accelerated Generative AI and HPC systems to flexible data center and cloud rackmounts, as well as efficiency-optimized Edge and telco deployments.


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Powered by Intel Xeon 6 Processors

Supermicro’s X14 portfolio takes flexibility to the next level with support for the new generation of Intel Xeon 6 processors. These processors, formerly codenamed Sierra Forest (E-cores) and Granite Rapids (P-cores), provide advanced workload optimization at the processor level.

The Intel Xeon 6 processors with E-cores are designed for cloud-native and scale-out workloads, offering greater core density per rack unit and improved performance per watt. These processors are ideal for workloads that require running many concurrent instances without demanding significant compute power. By forgoing unnecessary features, the E-core processors maximize core count and performance per watt, enhancing capacity for cloud-native and scale-out workloads.

For more compute-intensive tasks, the Intel Xeon 6 processors with P-cores deliver superior performance per core. These processors are perfect for AI, HPC, storage, and Edge workloads, providing the robust performance that has made Supermicro servers a staple in data centers worldwide.

Ready for Rack-Scale Integration

The X14 portfolio offers the broadest range of workload-optimized servers in the industry and is the foundation for creating custom solutions at rack scale. With a global production capacity of 5,000 racks per month, including 1,350 liquid-cooled 100kW racks, Supermicro is uniquely positioned to design, build, validate, and deliver fully customized, workload-optimized rack-scale solutions. This capability ensures rapid deployment of the most advanced AI hardware available today, with lead times as short as two weeks.

Flexible, Modular Design and Open Standards Support

Supermicro X14 systems are built on the Supermicro Building Block Solutions modular design platform, which allows for easy customization of components to meet specific power, storage, I/O, and acceleration requirements. Supermicro has consistently been an early adopter of new industry standards and open architectures, including OCP 3.0, DC-MHS, OAM, ORV2, OSF, Open BMC, CXL, and EDSFF E1.S and E3.S storage form factors. This commitment to flexibility and open standards ensures that X14 systems can adapt to evolving technological needs.

Key Features of the X14 Portfolio include:

  • Broad Portfolio: The industry’s most extensive range of systems based on Intel Xeon 6 processors, designed to support diverse workloads and applications.
  • Rack-Scale Service: Plug-and-play service to deliver complete, validated solutions within weeks, not months, ensuring rapid deployment and operational efficiency.
  • Advanced Cooling Solutions: Supermicro’s liquid cooling solutions, including CPU/GPU cold plates, Cooling Distribution Units, and Cooling Distribution Manifolds, provide an integrated and efficient cooling system.
  • High Production Capacity: Ability to produce up to 5,000 racks per month worldwide, ensuring scalability and meeting high demand.
  • Support for Latest Technologies: Compatibility with the latest industry technologies, including PCIe 5.0, DDR5, CXL 2.0, Open Compute Project (OCP) standards, and EDSFF E3.S and E1.S storage form factors.

The X14 Line Up

Universal GPU: Open, Modular, Standards-Based Universal GPU System

The Supermicro X14 Universal GPU systems have an open, modular, standards-based architecture that offers maximum flexibility. They support multiple industry-standard GPUs, allowing organizations to use different GPU configurations based on workload while deploying a single server architecture. This reduces infrastructure complexity and simplifies future upgrades. The chassis are designed for serviceability with hot-swappable, tool-less components in a modular construction, and are optimized for thermal capacity, supporting the latest generation of GPUs up to 700W TDP.

PCIe GPU: Flexible configurations for AI training, Media, 3D Design, and Simulation

Optimized for the next generation of HPC, action-oriented AI, 3D simulation, and advanced graphic design and rendering, Supermicro X14 PCIe-accelerated solutions empower the creation of 3D worlds, digital twins, 3D simulation models, and the Metaverse.

These systems are designed to accommodate next-generation accelerators in the industry-standard PCIe form factor. Each 5U chassis can support up to 10 double-width GPUs. Additional networking slots allow for connectivity of up to 400Gb/s, enabling the creation of high-performance clusters with up to 32 nodes. Optional direct-to-chip liquid cooling is available for superior efficiency, especially for demanding performance needs.

8U SuperBlade: Highest Density Multi-Node Server Solutions

Supermicro’s high-performance, density-optimized, and energy-efficient SuperBlade can greatly reduce initial capital and operational expenses for numerous organizations. The SuperBlade utilizes shared, redundant components such as power supplies, cooling fans, chassis management modules (CMMs), switches, or pass-thru modules to provide the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly computing solutions.

The X14 8U SuperBlade architecture maximizes rack density, accommodating up to 120 dual-processor servers in a 48-rack configuration. Compared to traditional rackmount servers, it can reduce cable clutter by up to 95%. Additionally, optional direct liquid cooling (DLC) can support servers with high-power CPUs, resulting in the lowest PUE and best TCO.

6U SuperBlade: Memory-Optimized Multi-Node Architecture for EDA and Enterprise Applications

Supermicro’s X14 6U high-performance, density-optimized, and energy-efficient SuperBlade can help many organizations reduce their initial capital and operational expenses. The SuperBlade utilizes shared, redundant components such as power supplies, cooling fans, chassis management modules (CMMs), switches, or pass-thru modules to provide cost-effective and eco-friendly computing solutions.

The X14 6U SuperBlade architecture is designed to maximize rack density, allowing for up to 100 servers per rack. Additionally, optional direct liquid cooling (DLC) can support servers with the highest power CPUs, leading to the lowest PUE and the best TCO.

Supermicro’s X14 6U SuperBlade architecture is optimized for performance with maximum capacity, accommodating 32 DIMMs for DP and 16 DIMMs for UP configurations. Furthermore, the 6U enclosures can accommodate up to 20 GPUs for AI/ML, acceleration, graphics, and 3D rendering purposes. Each server can also support 10 NVMe SSDs, making it ideal for vSAN, big data analytics, and financial services.

Hyper: Best-in-class Performance and Flexibility Rackmount Server

The new X14 Hyper series brings next-generation performance to Supermicro’s range of rackmount servers. These servers are built to handle the most demanding workloads in the proven 1U and 2U form factors. The modular design allows for the customization of storage, expansion slots, network, and power supplies to meet specific application requirements. The design balances compute, storage, and expansion in a tool-less rackmount design, offering optimization, flexibility, and serviceability.

The X14 Hyper lineup includes the top-selling dual-socket configurations designed for maximum power and compute density, as well as new single-socket architectures to provide balanced performance with only one processor.

Hyper-E: Maximum Performance and Flexibility for Edge Data Centers

Hyper-E offers the same high performance and flexibility found in Supermicro’s leading rackmount server family but in a more compact form designed specifically for telco and micro data center deployments. Its mid-depth chassis and front I/O make it easier to integrate Hyper-E into existing edge and telco infrastructure. Additionally, its carrier-grade (NEBS Level 3) design and optional DC power options provide even more flexibility in non-traditional data center environments.

Storage and expansion configurations can be adjusted based on the application, and maintenance-friendly design innovations eliminate the need for tools during servicing to simplify rollout and installation.

BigTwin: Industry-Leading Multi-node Architectures

The Supermicro X14 BigTwin systems offer high performance and easy maintenance with dual Intel Xeon 6 processors per node and a tool-less, hot-swappable design. These systems are optimized for either high density (2U4N) or storage (2U2N) and can be more cost-effective than standard 1U servers due to shared power and cooling. They also increase compute density and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). The modular mid-plane design provides options for NVMe Gen5 storage controllers, and a new riser card design can support up to four M.2 drives for boot/OS or metadata/caching purposes.

GrandTwin: Multi-Node Architecture Optimized for Single-Processor Performance

The GrandTwin architecture is a new design specifically created to maximize single-processor performance. This design optimizes compute, memory, and efficiency to achieve maximum density. GrandTwin is powered by Intel Xeon 6 processors and features a flexible modular design that can be easily adjusted for various applications by adding or removing components as needed, which helps to reduce costs.

For front configurations, all I/O and node trays are fully accessible from the cold aisle, simplifying installation and servicing in space-constrained environments. Flexible storage and networking options are available via front AIOM modules, allowing countless custom configurations.

CloudDC with DC-MHS: All-in-one Rackmount Platform for Cloud Data Centers Designed to OCP DC-MHS Specifications

The new Supermicro X14 CloudDC with DC-MHS provides excellent flexibility in terms of I/O and storage, making it suitable for a variety of cloud and data center workloads. These systems are designed to adhere to OCP DC-MHS specifications, enhancing modularity and flexibility for large-scale enterprises and cloud service providers. This helps simplify data center management with DC-SCM modules.

X14 CloudDC features tool-less brackets, hot-swap drive trays, and redundant power supplies to ensure rapid deployment and efficient maintenance in data centers. The high-efficiency Titanium Level redundant power supplies provide resiliency and a low carbon footprint. It also includes rich security features such as Intel SGX, TPM 2.0, signed firmware, Silicon Root of Trust, Secure Boot, System Erase, Runtime FW protection, FIPS Compliance, and Trusted Execution Environment.


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The heavy adaption of the OCP standard across the Supermicro lineup is a much-anticipated feature. The modularity of the design allows for easier servicing and replacement of failed components. The customization options of the BMC baseboard that lives on an OCP slot in the back allows organizations to better integrate the Supermicro platforms into their infrastructure using custom software.

UP WIO: Industry’s Widest Variety of I/O Optimized Servers

Supermicro X14 WIO systems provide a wide range of I/O options to deliver optimized systems for specific requirements. Users can tailor the storage and networking options to enhance performance, improve efficiency, and find the perfect fit for their applications. These Supermicro WIO SuperServers not only enable customizable configurations and optimization for multiple application requirements but also offer cost advantages and investment protection.

Telco/Edge: Compact and short-depth rackmount systems for telco Edge deployments

Supermicro offers innovative and pioneering technologies that serve as the foundation for today’s embedded computing platforms. The rapid expansion of embedded markets and the prevalence of open standards are fueling the demand for increased product integration and optimization. This includes virtualization, AI inferencing, network connectivity, remote management, mobile communication, expanded I/O, and device-to-device communications. All of these capabilities are achieved using space and power-efficient configurations.

Ready for What’s Next

Supermicro’s X14 portfolio is set to redefine performance and efficiency standards in the server market. By integrating the latest Intel Xeon 6 processors and offering unparalleled flexibility and customization options, the X14 systems are poised to meet the needs of modern enterprises across various sectors. Charles Liang, president and CEO of Supermicro, emphasized the company’s leadership in designing and delivering workload-optimized solutions at scale, highlighting the advanced capabilities of the new X14 servers.

As AI, HPC, Cloud, and Edge workloads continue to evolve, the demand for high-performance, energy-efficient, and flexible server solutions will only increase. Supermicro’s X14 portfolio is positioned to address these demands, providing enterprises with the tools they need to stay competitive and innovative in a rapidly changing technological landscape.

Supermicro’s introduction of the X14 server portfolio marks a significant milestone in the evolution of server technology. With advanced features, superior performance, and the flexibility to adapt to a wide range of workloads, the X14 systems are set to drive the next generation of computing infrastructure. Enterprises looking to harness the power of the latest Intel Xeon processors and benefit from Supermicro’s expertise in server design and integration will find the X14 portfolio to be an invaluable asset in their technological arsenal.

Early Access Programs

Supermicro is offering pre-launch availability of the new X14 systems to qualified customers through various early access programs. The Supermicro JumpStart program provides free remote access to X14 servers for testing and validation. At the same time, the Early Ship Program can deliver fully production-ready X14 systems to select customers before the official launch. Interested customers can contact their Supermicro representative or visit supermicro.com/X14 for more information.

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