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News Bits: Cisco, Subtree, Zerto, Teradici, AWS, Rubrik, Datos IO, IBM, Cloudian, NVIDIA, & More

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content, not the impact they have. Cisco announces its Global Cloud Index as well as being selected to provide NBC Olymipcs with networking and video applications. Subtree announces $10 million seed investment. Zerto announces ZVR 6.0. Teradici Cloud Access is now on AWS. Rubrik announces intent to acquire Datos IO. IBM updates its tape storage. Cloudian enables S3-compatible storage access for NVIDIA’s Deep Learning GPU System. Seagate launches Sea Of Thieves Game Drive.

Cisco Announces Its Global Cloud Index

Cisco announced the results of its fairly exhaustive seventh annual Global Cloud Index report. The report looks at data center virtualization and cloud computing over the next five years. Key highlights and projections include:

  • Data center virtualization and cloud computing growth
    • By 2021, 94% of workloads and compute instances will be processed by cloud data centers; 6% will be processed by traditional data centers.
    • Overall data center workloads and compute instances will more than double (2.3-fold) from 2016 to 2021; however, cloud workloads and compute instances will nearly triple (2.7-fold) over the same period.
    • The workload and compute instance density for cloud data centers was 8.8 in 2016 and will grow to 13.2 by 2021. Comparatively, for traditional data centers, workload and compute instance density was 2.4 in 2016 and will grow to 3.8 by 2021.
  • Growth in stored data fueled by big data and IoT
    • Globally, the data stored in data centers will nearly quintuple by 2021 to reach 1.3ZB by 2021, up 4.6-fold (a CAGR of 36%) from 286EB in 2016.
    • Big data will reach 403 exabytes (EB) by 2021, up almost 8-fold from 25EB in 2016. Big data will represent 30% of data stored in data centers by 2021, up from 18% in 2016.
    • The amount of data stored on devices will be 4.5 times higher than data stored in data centers, at 5.9ZB by 2021.
    • Driven largely by IoT, the total amount of data created (and not necessarily stored) by any device will reach 847ZB per year by 2021, up from 218ZB per year in 2016. Data created is two orders of magnitude higher than data stored.
  • Applications contribute to rise of global data center traffic
    • By 2021, big data will account for 20% (2.5ZB annual, 209EB monthly) of traffic within data centers, compared to 12% (593EB annual, 49EB monthly) in 2016.
    • By 2021, video streaming will account for 10% of traffic within data centers, compared to 9% in 2016.
    • By 2021, video will account for 85% of traffic from data centers to end users, compared to 78% in 2016.
    • By 2021, search will account for 20% of traffic within data centers by 2021, compared to 28% in 2016.
    • By 2021, social networking will account for 22% of traffic within data centers, compared to 20% in 2016.
  • SaaS most popular cloud service model through 2021
    • By 2021, 75% (402 million) of the total cloud workloads and compute instances will be SaaS workloads and compute instances, up from 71% (141 million) in 2016. (23% CAGR from 2016 to 2021).
    • By 2021, 16% (85 million) of the total cloud workloads and compute instances will be IaaS workloads and compute instances, down from 21% (42 million) in 2016. (15% CAGR from 2016 to 2021).
    • By 2021, 9% (46 million) of the total cloud workloads and compute instances will be PaaS workloads and compute instances, up from 8% (16 million) in 2016. (23% CAGR from 2016 to 2021).


Cisco Provides NBC Olympics With Networking & Video Applications

Cisco is proud to announce that it was selected by NBC to provide IP video contribution and distribution solutions, along with networking and security solutions for its production of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games, which take place in PyeongChang, South Korea. The key components Cisco is providing include:

  • Network routing and switching technology via the Cisco carrier-class ASR9000 and Cisco Nexus portfolio
  • Wireless and POE-enabled (power over Ethernet) switching infrastructure and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services on Cisco Next-Generation Firewalls
  • Cisco Digital Content Manager (DCM) for broadcast transport of IP Video utilizing Hitless Merge Technology
  • Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) and Cisco Stealthwatch
  • Cisco collaboration solutions including Cisco Telepresence, Spark and Spark Board technology


2018 Olympics

Subtree Announces $10 Million Seed Investment

Subtree announced that its seed investment round netted $10 million and was led by DDN. The cloud native data management company also launched its first two products: dotmesh, an open source utility that allows users to capture, manage, and share entire application state in units called datadots. And dothub, a centralized repository where users can pull and push datadots to for protection or collaboration.


Zerto Announces ZVR 6.0

Zerto announced the availability of the latest version of its Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR), version 6.0. New benefits include:

  • Multi-cloud mobility - Expanding the bi-directional support, ZVR 6.0 enables customers to mobilize and protect applications and data between Azure, IBM Cloud, AWS and more than 350 CSPs. With inter-cloud and intra-cloud mobility across multiple cloud environments, Zerto makes it easy for businesses to be fully protected, while mobilizing applications and data workloads to, from, and between multiple clouds. This capability provides full and complete public cloud-to-public cloud disaster recovery and prevents organizations from being locked in to cloud vendors.
  • Enhanced data protection - ZVR 6.0 includes enhancements to long-term retention that reduces the dependency and expense of using traditional backups for protecting workloads. Specifically, enhanced journal file level restores support file-level recovery in both Linux EXT and Windows file systems which equates to faster restore times. Combined with Zerto’s continuous data protection, replication and automated orchestration, customers now have the flexibility to rethink their data protection strategy to reduce costs and complexity, and increase productivity.
  • Visibility through analytics - Zerto Analytics has been enhanced in ZVR 6.0 to give customers visibility into the health and compliance of protected multi-site, multi-cloud environments. Enhancements include expanded dashboards with new live network analysis reports for troubleshooting and optimization, insights into network throughput and performance, the ability to monitor site-to-site and outbound traffic and 30 days of network history metrics for any site.
  • Cloud manageability for CSPs - ZVR 6.0 includes enhanced support for CSPs who offer DRaaS by adding a new service - the Zerto CSP Management Portal. Through this portal, CSPs will be able to remotely upgrade customer sites to provide them with continuous availability and latest software releases.

Zerto ZVR

Teradici Cloud Access Is Now On AWS

Teradici announced that its Cloud Access Software is now available on the AWS Marketplace. Now workstation users can access their graphic-intensive applications through AWS. Cloud Access Software supports both Windows and Linux and is avaialbe today on the AWS Marketplace in all regions with Amazon EC2 G3 at $0.50/hour, or $240/year integrated into the AWS bill.

Teradici on AWS

Rubrik Announces Intent To Acquire Datos IO

Rubrik announced that it has agreed to acquire Datos IO. This will give Rubrik access to Datos IO’s flagship RecoverX platform, extending its reach into mission-critical cloud applications and databases. Financial terms were not disclosed. Tarun Thakur will continue to lead Datos IO under its new unit, Rubrik Datos IO.

Rubrik’s main site

IBM Updates Its Tape Storage

IBM is enhancing its TS7700 virtual tape solutions. The new enhancements include better security, scalability, reliability, and performance.  The TS7700 have optimized data compression, Secure Data Erase, support for 16 Gb FICON connectivity, and require no additional z/OS software.

IBM Tape Storage

Cloudian Enables S3-compatible Storage Access For NVIDIA’s Deep Learning GPU System

Cloudian announced it is integrated a plug-in within NVIDIA’s Deep Learning GPU Training System (DIGITS) version 6.1 to allows the platform to directly access an S3-compatible storage endpoint. This bridges a gap between Cloudian Hyperstore and deep learning training libraries. The NVIDIA DIGITS 6.1 with Cloudian plug-in is now available on GitHub.

Cloudian HyperStore


Seagate Launches Sea Of Thieves Game Drive

Seagate has launched yet another newly skinned Game Drive for Xbox, this one sporting a Sea Of Thieves skin. The Game Drive has a capacity of 2TB (or roughly 50 games). The Sea of Thieves GAME drive is expected to be available on March 20, 2018 with a MSRP of $89.99. 

Seagate Gaming Drives

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