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News Bits: Cisco, Virtual Instruments, Tintri, GIGABYTE, Dell, Panzura, HPE, & Igneous

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content, not the impact they have. Cisco reports fourth quarter and full year 2019 earnings. Virtual Instruments acquires Metricly. NexentaStor VSA for Tintri announced. GIGABYTE takes eleven world records with AMD EPYC 7002 processors. Dell releases OptiPlex 7070 Ultra. Panzura delivers Log Analytics Service in its platform. HPE builds supercomputer for NASA. Igneous DataDiscover now available on AWS Marketplace.

Cisco Reports 4Q & FY2019 Earnings

Cisco reported its earnings for both its fourth quarter and full fiscal year 2019. The company saw quarterly revenue of $13.4 billion with GAAP EPS of $0.51 and non-GAAP of $0.83. For the year it was revenue of $51.7 billion and GAAP EPS of $2.61 with non-GAAP EPS of $3.10. Net income for the quarter of $2.2 billion GAAP and $3.6 billion non-GAAP with new income for the year being $11.6 billion GAAP and $13.8 billion non-GAAP.

Cisco Investor Relations

Virtual Instruments Acquires Metricly

Virtual Instruments announced that they have acquired the SaaS-based cloud cost, optimization and monitoring service provider Metricly. This acquisition should help the company to expand its cloud migration, monitoring and analytics portfolio to offer customers SaaS-based, hybrid infrastructure management across multi-cloud environments.  

Virtual Instruments

NexentaStor VSA for Tintri Announced 

Tintri by DDN introduced its file services for virtualized environments, NexentaStor VSA for Tintri. This marks the first collaboration with Nexenta and Tintri, since Tintri has come under the DDN umbrella. The new VSA allows Tintri customers to choose to leverage Tintri VMstore supporting virtualization with added file services to consolidate and better manage business data.

NexentaStor VSA for Tintri

GIGABYTE Takes 11 World Records With AMD EPYC 7002 CPUs

GIGABYTE released several platforms that support the new AMD EPYC processors, seventeen so far, including the one we tested here. Leveraging these new platforms and the new processors, GIGABYTE has been able to break 11 different SPEC benchmark world records. These records include:

  • No. 1 SPECrate 2017 Integer Rate Base - Dual Socket System
  • No. 1 SPECrate 2017 Integer Rate Peak - Dual Socket System
  • No. 1 SPECrate 2017 Floating Point Rate Base - Dual Socket System
  • No. 1 SPECrate 2017 Floating Point Rate Peak - Dual Socket System
  • No. 1 SPECrate 2017 Floating Point Rate Base – Single Socket System
  • No. 1 SPECrate 2017 Floating Point Rate Peak – Single Socket System
  • No. 1 SPECspeed 2017 Floating Point Rate Peak – Single Socket System
  • No. 1 SPECjbb2015 MultiJVM max-jOPS – Dual Socket System
  • No. 1 SPECjbb2015 MultiJVM critical-jOPS – Dual Socket System
  • No. 1 SPECjbb2015 Composite max-jOPS – Dual Socket System
  • No. 1 SPECjbb2015 Composite critical-jOPS – Dual Socket System


Dell Releases OptiPlex 7070 Ultra

Dell released a modular zero-footprint PC in the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra. This new PC is housed within a monitor stand. Key features include:

  • Independent upgrade of the PC and display, so customers can swap out, upgrade or service any part at any time
  • A monitor stand that integrates the PC within and includes physical security options designed to protect against tampering
  • Flexible configurations ideal for multi-user, open-plan workspaces
  • Configurable to different use cases or work styles with compatible products like a height adjustable stand, fixed stand, VESA mount, Dell Single Monitor Arm | MSA20 for superior adjustability and Dell Dual Monitor Arm | MDA20 for added desk agility
  • Performance and scalability to match users' needs, up to Intel Core vPro i7 processors, 64GB of RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD and 2TB HDD

The Dell OptiPlex 7070 Ultra is expected to be available on September 24 at a MSRP of $749. 

Dell OptiPlex 7070 Ultra

Panzura Delivers LAS In

Panzura announced the release of Log Analytics Service (LAS) within the platform. The company states that the LAS can solve the challenge of ingesting, storing, analyzing and managing rapidly expanding log data sets across the organization. Key differentiators of include:

  • Five minute visualization - Visualize your data in less than five minutes and customize your alerts
  • Never delete data - Never delete or take your data offline so it is always available for search, analytics and machine learning
  • Flexible deployment - Choose your managed service option of private or public cloud based on security, compliance and big data requirements with one-click deployment of Elasticsearch/ELK and apps, dashboards and connectors on AWS

HPE Builds Supercomputer For NASA

HPE announced that is has built a new supercomputer, Aitken, for NASA’s Ames Research Center to aide in the next human mission to the moon. Features include:

  • The new supercomputer is an initial development of a four-year, multi-phase collaboration between HPE and NASA Ames.
  • Aitken will run thousands of complex simulations more quickly at 3.69 petaFLOPs of theoretical performance to enable accurate and safe landings on the moon.
  • Aitken is based on the HPE SGI 8600 system, an end-to-end, purpose-built high-performance computing (HPC) platform, which includes special liquid cooling capabilities for optimal energy efficiency.
  • 1,150 nodes, 46,080 cores, and 221 TB of memory
  • 3.69 petaflops of theoretical peak performance
  • Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.03


Igneous DataDiscover Now Available on AWS Marketplace

Igneous announced that its DataDiscover is now available on the AWS Marketplace. DataDiscover is Igneous’s File Analytics as-a-Service product that can help customers with things such as knowing where cold data is and when to archive it to something like S3 Glacier Deep Archive. The new offering on AWS comes with a 30-day test drive. 

Igneous Data Discover

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