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News Bits: NAKIVO, Cavium, HPE, SONM, Storj, CloudPassage, StorONE, QNAP, & More

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content not the impact they have. NAKIVO releases NAKIVO Backup & Replication v7.3. Cavium FastLinQ QL4100 NICs are available for HPE ProLiant & Apollo Gen10 servers. SONM and Storj Labs partner to deliver a decentralized cloud computing platform. CloudPassage launches Container Secure. StorONE launches TRU Storage Software for less than a penny per GB. QNAP releases Photo Tagger app. Datos IO releases RecoverX 2.5. Compuverde and Data Dynamics partner for fast, agile storage. Cohesity DataPlatform Cloud Edition now available on AWS.

NAKIVO Releases NAKIVO Backup & Replication v7.3

NAKIVO Inc. has released the latest version of its Backup & Replication solution, version 7.3. The company states that the new version adds support for deduplication appliances and can achieve VM backup speed of 3.2GB/s. The new version and a free trial for those interested are available now.


Cavium FastLinQ QL4100 NICs Are Available For HPE ProLiant & Apollo Gen10 Servers

Cavium announced that its FastLinQ Series of 10/25GbE Ethernet QL4100 NICs are now available from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) for HPE ProLiant and HPE Apollo Gen10 servers. Benefits include:

  • 10GBASE-T: Utilize low cost Cat6a cables and RJ-45 connections for 10GbE, eliminating the need for potentially expensive 10GbE SFP+ optics. This reduces deployment costs by up to 46% and is backward compatible with 1GbE infrastructure.
  • Universal RDMA – Industry's only network adapter that offers customers a flexibility of RDMA technology, customer can choose RoCE/RoCEv2 for small to medium scale deployments on a lossless ethernet network and iWARP for large cloud scale architectures built on standard Ethernet fabrics.
  • Cavium SmartAN Technology - Supports auto configuration of the adapter when connecting between 10GbE and 25GbE networks, eliminating server administrator intervention for manually configuring port speeds and FECs. Cavium FastLinQ SmartANtechnology along with extensive interop testing virtually eliminate interoperability challenges in physical layer networks.
  • Network and Server Virtualization Offloads – Acceleration for Network Virtualization by offloading protocol processing for VxLAN, NVGRE, GRE and GENEVE, enabling customers to build and scale virtualized networks without impacting network performance. Optimize infrastructure costs and increase virtual machine density by leveraging technologies like SR-IOV that deliver acceleration and QoS for enterprise workloads.
  • Flexible Archtecture: A flexible microcoded architecture delivers faster time to market and adaption to new and emerging technologies, extending the return of investment in FastLinQ NIC technology

The new NICs from HPE are available now.

Cavium FastLinQ Ethernet NICs

SONM & Storj Labs Partner To Deliver A Decentralized Cloud Computing Platform

SONM and Storj Labs are working together to deliver a decentralized cloud computing platform. This platform will integrate SONM’s global fog supercomputer powered by blockchain with Storj Labs’ decentralized cloud storage. This platform is being designed to address the growing demand for decentralized applications.


Storj Labs

CloudPassage Launches Container Secure

CloudPassage announced that they have released its new broad set of automated compliance and security controls for containers, Container Secure. The company states that this is the first solution that secures all three parts of container environments including container images, running containers, and the container engine/host. The new service will come as a core component of the CloudPassage Halo.


StorONE Launches TRU Storage Software For Under 1¢/GB

StorONE launched its Total Resource Utilization (TRU) storage software that aims to reduce the amount of hardware needed in order to hit performance and capacity goals that organizations demand. StorONE claims that they can hit the rated IOPS, throughput and capacity of the drive regardless of whether it is SSD, NVMe or HDD. The software can be installed on as a physical server or virtual appliance without the need to change existing the virtualization infrastructure. And best of all, installation is as low as $0.01/GB.


QNAP Releases Photo Tagger App

QNAP has released a new iOS app making it easier to tag photos as they get stored on a NAS, the QNAP Photo Tagger App. To bypass the default photo app not adding tags to photos, the app allows users to add their own tags making the photos easier to find and manage in the future. The App is available now from the App Store with an Android version in development.

QNAP Photo Tagger in the App Store

Datos IO Releases RecoverX 2.5

Datos IO announced that it has released the latest version of its RecoverX software platform, version 2.5. Made for the cloud driven world, benefits include:

  • Advanced Recovery: The amount of data organizations need to protect is rapidly increasing but customers are constantly demanding faster RTOs to meet their business agility requirements and to address mandatory IT requirements such as those required by GDPR. These same organizations are typically building customer-centric applications that span hundreds of tables, with hundreds of TB’s of data (aka “Big Data”), with change rates approaching 300%, yet they expect recovery times of just a few hours. To address this new class of recovery requirements, RecoverX 2.5 now delivers advanced features including query-able recovery enabling fast, sub-table level recovery, incremental and streaming recovery, both of which reduce recovery times down to minutes, and minimized storage requirements for large scale restore operations;
  • Backup Anywhere, Recover Anywhere: Cyber attacks like ransomware present a real threat and organizations need to protect their data across data sources, applications and any geographical boundary. Increasingly, customers have database tables spanning multiple data centers and multiple continents, but they want their data to be backed up and restored at the granularity of a single data center location. RecoverX 2.5 now delivers on this requirement with support for local backup of geo-distributed applications enabling local data center recovery for faster and more flexible RTO
  • Enterprise grade security:  Datos IO is experiencing massive adoption in large enterprise customers across retail, ecommerce, financial services and healthcare organizations, all of which have significant security requirements. RecoverX 2.5 introduces support for TLS/SSL encryption and X.509 certificates, LDAP authorization, and Kerberos authentication to deliver optimized security between RecoverX and data sources, and integration with enterprise security management tools.

Datos IO RecoverX

Compuverde & Data Dynamics Partner For Fast, Agile Storage

Compuverde and Data Dynamics announced that they would be partnering to provide a modern platform to manage data assets from migration to file tiering to archival. Benefits include:

  • Accelerates adoption of new storage technology - StorageX minimizes file movement complexity, cost and risk with a single file management platform for the simplified movement, transformation and management of all data assets.
  • Manages file data to quickly power new business requirements - By removing the barriers of proprietary storage types, StorageX allows for faster adoption of new Compuverde software-defined storage. StorageX includes comprehensive management, with automated, policy-driven workflows, all fully tested with Compuverde's scalable solution.
  • Modernizes to support a changing cloud landscape - Data modernization is furthered in StorageX 8.0 with support for Compuverde object storage, transforming files into native object storage format, while providing direct access to their files. The partnership also provides the ability to support DevOps projects with efficiency - providing application programming interfaces for storage management automation and orchestration.


Data Dynamics

Cohesity DataPlatform Cloud Edition Now Available On AWS

Cohesity announced that its DataPlatform Cloud Edition would soon be available on the AWS marketplace. Benefits include:

  • Cohesity customers can now manage all their secondary storage workloads including backup, disaster recovery, application/data mobility, and test/dev with a hybrid solution spanning on-premises data centers and AWS.
  • The new capability builds on the existing functionality that enables customers to archive or tier their on-premises backup data to AWS. With Cohesity DataPlatform now running on AWS, customers can instantly recover virtual machines (VMs) in the cloud, and provision test/dev instances for developers. Cohesity Cloud Edition can also be deployed in AWS to back up on-premises applications and send all backup data directly to AWS.
  • Cohesity DataPlatform can be deployed on AWS on cloud VMs in minutes, and linearly scale both performance and capacity with additional cloud VMs that can be added non-disruptively.

Cohesity DataPlatform Cloud Edition

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