by Adam Armstrong

News Bits: Trilio, MariaDB, Alibaba, Pure Storage, SAP, Riverbed, & Zscaler

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content not the impact they have. Trilio announces $5 Million Series A Funding. MariaDB completes Series C Funding led by Alibaba. Pure Storage announces new Copy Automation Tool for SAP systems. Riverbed and Zscaler announce integration on cloud security platform.

Trilio Announces $5 Million Series A Funding

Trilio Data announced that it had raised $5 million in a Series A round of funding. The funding was led by Boston-based .406 Ventures. The company intends to use the funds for growing its engineering, sales and marketing teams, and increase channel enablement support for the company’s global customer base.


MariaDB Completes Series C Funding Led By Alibaba

MariaDB is also announcing funding news with an additional $27 million in Series C funding led by Alibaba. This combined with funding early this year from European Investment Bank (EIB), bringing total funding up to $54 million. Other milestones the company hit year include:

  • Rapid Revenue Expansion: MariaDB ended the fiscal year and last quarter with historical revenue gains. The average deal size doubled as customers deployed MariaDB across growing segments of their business, including the first enterprise-wide replacement and migration from Oracle Enterprise to MariaDB.
  • New Database Solution Offerings: In 2017, MariaDB continued its track record of innovative development through the availability of two new database solution offerings: MariaDB TX, a complete database solution for transactional workloads, and MariaDB AX, a modern data warehousing solution for high-performance analytics.
  • Debuted Inaugural MariaDB User Conference: In April, MariaDB hosted its first-ever annual user conference to address the fast growing business usage of MariaDB. With participation from hundreds of customers, partners and developers from around the world, the conference reflected MariaDB's growing global presence in the enterprise.


Pure Storage Announces Copy Automation Tool For SAP Systems

Pure Storage announced the availability of its new Copy Automation Tool (CAT) for SAP systems. This new CAT allows customers to quickly and efficiently automate the entire SAP database copy, clone and refresh processes, which includes database, pre- and post-copy tasks – a process that typically takes several days. The new tool is available now an can be ran on both FlashArray//M and FlashArray//X at no additional charge.

Pure Storage CAT for SAP

Riverbed & Zscaler Announce Integration On Cloud Security Platform

Riverbed announced that it is integreating SteelConnect (its cloud networking and software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) solution) with Zscaler’s cloud security platform. According to the companies, this new integrated solution will allow their customers to securely connect the right user to the right application on any device, from any location. Key benefits of the SteelConnect SD-WAN and Zscaler Cloud Security joint solution:

  • Enables simplified branch operations and improved business agility with centralized, cloud-based management of network and security functions. With a few clicks, businesses can now seamlessly deploy SD-WAN capabilities in the cloud, along with cloud security, enabling new sites to be brought online in minutes or hours, not days or weeks, eliminating the need to buy, deploy, and manage security appliances in all branch office locations.
  • Delivers fast connectivity to apps and data, regardless of network type or user location, by enabling local Internet breakouts. Zscaler provides seamless protection with the largest cloud security platform peered with the leading cloud providers. SteelConnect is the only SD-WAN solution that provides unified connectivity and orchestration spanning WAN, W/LAN, cloud and data centers, offering enterprises the ability to scale elastically to enable rapid deployment of configuration changes, updates or policy modifications without impacting performance or requiring appliance refreshes.
  • Ensures universal protection of users regardless of how they connect to the network by enforcing advanced threat prevention, data protection and access controls without compromising performance. SteelConnect SD-WAN and Zscaler Cloud Security work seamlessly together; web and cloud traffic is routed to the optimal Zscaler Data Center based on application and user-defined policies, to ensure nothing bad comes in and nothing good leaks out.

Riverbed SteelConnect

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