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Nutanix Announces New Cloud Offerings

Today at the .NEXT Conference 2017, Nutanix made several announcements around its Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS. The company is announcing that the OS will be delivered as a full software stack with new multi-cloud capabilities in Nutanix Calm and a new cloud service called Nutanix Xi Cloud Services. This approach will enable customers to use Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Software throughout their multi-cloud deployments including on-premises with platforms from IBM, Dell EMC, Lenovo, Cisco and HPE, in the cloud via AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure, or natively with Nutanix Xi Cloud Services.

Data and applications are everywhere, meaning that they are no longer in one server or array, but spread out in multiple geographically different places (from edge to core) as well in several clouds both private and public. And this isn’t across a several organizations, but a single organization may see this type of data and application distribution. This could present a few issues, so Nutanix is offering a solution to the issues through a single OS that brings a unifying approach across the full compute, storage and network stack. This brings the best of both worlds, simplifying IT would giving applications the flexibility to move to different clouds and remaining open to any hardware, hypervisor, or cloud.

At the heart of Nutanix’ new cloud offerings is the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS. Delivered as software, the new OS supports several hardware platforms, form factors, and third-party vendors. Obviously the new OS supports Nutanix gear, but it also supports OEM gear from Dell EMC, Lenovo and IBM to flexible subscriptions and enterprise license agreements (ELAs) on Cisco and HPE platforms. The OS can also be leveraged as a native cloud-delivered solution via Xi Cloud Services.

Xi Cloud Services enables customers to provision and consume Nutanix infrastructure on demand as a native extension of the enterprise datacenter. According to the company, customers will be able to use Xi Cloud Services to set-up, manage and test a complete cloud-based DR service in just minutes.

Nutanix is also introducing Calm, which it states can abstract application environments from the underlying infrastructure and recommend the right cloud for the right workload while harmonizing cloud operations. Calm will leverage the full stack capabilities of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS across network, compute, and storage to holistically converge enterprise infrastructures on AHV, ESX, Hyper-V, extended to Xi Cloud Services, as well as public clouds including AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Azure.


The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS is available now as a software-only offering for platforms from Cisco and HPE. Nutanix Calm is expected to be generally available by the fourth quarter of 2017. Nutanix Xi Cloud Services for disaster recovery are planned for early access by the first quarter of 2018.

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