by Adam Armstrong

Nutanix Announces Support For Haswell Processors & Configure To Order For NX-3000 Series

Nutanix Inc. has announced that it will soon support Intel's new Haswell Processors, the successor to the Ivy Bridge microarchitecture. Nutanix's entire hardware portfolio will support the new Haswell Processors over the next few months. Nutanix also announced a Configure To Order (CTO) for its NX-3000 series allowing customers to choose the size of the platform they need for the given workload.

As the chart above shows, switching to the Haswell will give users an immediate boost in performance. IT departments that use hyper-converged systems, such as Nutanix, can refresh storage at the rate of servers. In other words, customers won't be stuck with older hardware components while waiting for vendors to support new architectures. Customers will be able to interject processor advancements every 12 to 18 months instead of 3 to 4 years. Businesses can buy infrastructure when they need it, as the hardware gets refreshed the new nodes can be added to the same cluster and load balance (depending on the application need), without downtime.

The second announcement that Nutanix made is the ability to Configure To Order for its NX-3000 series. As it sounds, CTO allows customers to choose the compute, memory, and storage that its Apps need. The NX-3000 is the second platform series that Nutanix is enabling CTO, they previous enable CTO on the NX-8000 series. Nutanix plans on enabling their entire CTO on its hardware portfolio. Nutanix's new configurable platform is the NX-3060-G4. The NX-3060-G4 has 4 nodes per appliance and its configurable hardware components are:

  • Compute:
    • 8-core 2.4GHz (Haswell)
    • 10-core 2.6GHz (Haswell)
    • 12-core 2.5GHz (Haswell) (with a 20% in VM density)
  • Flash Capacity:
    • 2 x 400GB
    • 2 x 800GB
    • 2 x 1.2TB
    • 2 x 1.6TB (+ encryption)
  • HDD Capacity:
    • 4 x 1TB
    • 4 x 2TB(+ encryption)
  • Memory:
    • 128GB
    • 192GB
    • 256GB
    • 384GB
    • 512GB
  • Networking:
    • Dual 10GbE SPF+
    • Quad 10GbE SPF+
    • Dual 10GbE-BaseT

The new platform will provide more capacity for both hot and cold tiers, will be able to have much more VMs per node, and has an optional NIC that will provide 4 x 10GbE ports for additional bandwidth and the ability to assign traffic to specific ports.


Both the support for Intel's Haswell processors and the new configurable NX-3060-G4 will be available starting March 15, 2015.

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