by Adam Armstrong

Panasas Launches ActiveStor 20

Today Panasas introduced its latest hybrid scale-out NAS appliance, ActiveStor 20. Panasas states that this new version of ActiveStor sports a 65% increase in flash and a 25% increase in hard drive capacity. The new ActiveStor is utilizing high density SSDs and 10TB HGST Ultrastar He10 helium-based HDDs to gain more capacity and performance. In fact, Panasas is claiming performance of 360GB/s and over 2.6 million IOPS with up to 45PB of capacity in a single namespace.

The ActiveStor 20 takes a big leap past the ActiveStor 18. It has more than doubled the capacity per single namespace from 21.42PB to 45PB, and we now see an uptick in performance from 200GB/s and 1.83 million IOPS to 360GB/s and 2.6 million IOPS. The ActiveStor is ideal for use cases such as storage environments in life sciences, manufacturing, media, government, energy, and university research markets.

Key Features of ActiveStor 20

  • Up to 208TB capacity per ActiveStor
  • Up to 45PB max. PanFS namespace capacity
  • 1,800MB/s read and 1,600 MB/s write performance per ActiveStor
  • 360GB/s max. PanFS namespace throughput
  • 13,000 IOPS per ActiveStor
  • >2,600,000 IOPS max. PanFS namespace IOPS
  • DirectFlow, NFS and SMB protocol support
  • Multiprotocol support for Linux, Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows clients
  • PanFS 6.1 data availability and management features, including software-based
  • RAID 6+, snapshots, user and group quotas, and SiteSync data replication

ActiveStor 20 specifications:

  • System:
    • Suitability: Mixed workloads: large file throughput, IOPS performance, lowest cost per TB
      • Max. System Capacity: 45PB
      • Max. System Throughput: 360GB/s
      • Max. System IOPS–4KB File, Random Read: >2,600,000 IOPS
  • Per Shelf:
    • Capacity per Shelf: 82.4 or 208TB
      • HDD Capacity: 80 or 200TB
      • SSD Capacity: 2.4 or 8TB
    • Drive Configuration: 20 x 3.5” Enterprise SATA + 10 x SSD
    • ECC Memory (GB of Cache): 208GB
    • Max. Throughput, Write/Read: 1600/1700MB/s
    • Max. IOPS - 4KB File, Random Read: >13,000 IOPS
  • Supported Blade Configurations (Director Blade + Storage Blade):
  • : 1+10, 2+9, or 3+8. Also 0+11 for expansion
  • Ethernet Connectivity:
    • Two switch modules per shelf. Uplinks per shelf: 2 x 10GbE SFP+/CX4 or 8 x GbE copper, supporting high availability link aggregation with network failover support
  • InfiniBand Router Capable


ActiveStor 20 can be ordered now with shipments beginning this month.

Panasas ActiveStor

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