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Photofast MemoriesCable Review

Designed specifically for iOS mobile devices, the Photofast MemoriesCable combines external storage with the charging cable into one product, offering users a way to view, backup and restore all of their media. Previously, PhotoFast released the i-FlashDrive Max, a dual-sided Lightning and USB 3.0 flash drive that transfers files to and from newer iPhone and iPad air devices. The MemoriesCable has the exact same functionality only that is has the added benefit of charging the device.

Like its i-FlashDrive cousin, the PhotoFast MemoriesCable comes with a suite of different features through their bundled app such as cloud storage integration, which allows users to manage all of their content located on the MemoriesCable through DropBox and Google drive. The “one touch backup” feature allows users to easily backup all of their contact, calendar, and photos by simply pressing one button. Also included is social media integration and backup, which gives users the ability to instantly share their photos to all major social media platforms and save particular files to the MemoriesCable. For added security, PhotoFast gives users three types of access control when using their MemoriesCable: App Lock, which supports Touch ID, as well as both Lightning and USB Lock.

Photofast’s MemoriesCable comes in capacities of 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB priced at $90, $160, and $230, respectively. We will be looking at the 32GB model.

Photofast MemoriesCable Specifications

  • Connections: Lightning, USB 3.0
  • Capacities: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
  • Compatibility: iOS 7.x | 8.x Mac OS X, Windows 7, 8, XP
  • Size: 138.5 x 16.7 x 8.2mm
  • Weight: 9.4g
  • Free App from AppStore: i-FlashDrive ONE
  • Not capable of Sync
  • Supported Models:
    • iPod 5, 5S, 5C
    • iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 Plus
    • iPad Air, Air 2, mini
  • Speeds:
    • USB 3.0: 90MB/s read, 22MB/s write
    • Lightning: 30MB/s read, 20MB/s write

Design and build

The Photofast MemoriesCable is comprised of a smooth gray aluminum metal build and weighs in at just 9.4g. The cable has a very solid design, but if you require a cord that is a bit longer in length, you may be out of luck since it only measures 13cm; however, this is meant to be a compact device.

That being said, due to the nature of its design, the practicality of the cable is certainly a bit of a conundrum. These kinds of devices are not very sensible to have plugged into your device while you’re being active like exercising at the gym, even though the official product page shows someone doing just that. The cord sticking out of your iPhone would certainly get in the way (making your iPhone a cumbersome device) and you would risk breaking it. Ultimately, it’s not something you want plugged in your device when you are being active. A simple solution to this would be to plug it in and download the files to your device before you start.

Aside from that, its design works like a charm transporting files to and from an iOS device.


We measured the performance of the Photofast MemoriesCable using the USB 3.0 connection our HP Z620 Workstation Testing Platform running Windows 8.1.

In sequential activity, we recorded the MemoriesCable with read and writes of 90.0MB/s and 19.7MB/s, respectively. Though write speeds were just a bit below quoted figures by Photofast, read activity was spot on.


The dual-sided Lightning and USB 3.0 flash drive Photofast MemoriesCable is certainly a clever way to add more storage capacity to your iOS device with its dual functionality; however, its overall practicality depends on what you are looking for in a supplemental storage device. It has a nice, solid design, but it’s not meant to be connected to your device while you’re being active. That being said, any supplemental storage solution for an iOS device is usually a good thing. As far as performance in concerned, the MemoriesCable offered speeds that were pretty much on par with what Photofast had quoted using USB 3.0; it recorded 90.0MB/s read and 19.7MB/s write vs. their claimed 90.0MB/s read and 22.0MB/s write.

The PhotoFast MemoriesCable comes with an intuitive mobile app, which offers a ton of useful features including cloud storage integration, giving users the ability to manage all of their content located on the MemoriesCable through DropBox and Google drive. Additionally, the one touch backup feature easily backs up all contact, calendar, and photos by simply touching one button. Couple all of this with its social media integration, and the MemoriesCable makes for a unique and viable option for consumers looking for something a little different.


  • Unique combination of charging cord and storage works well in most scenarios
  • Upwards of 128GB in additional storage
  • Bundled app offers useful features and functionality


  • Not very practical when user is active (e.g. working out, running)
  • Some people require longer cords

Bottom Line

Though only for specific demographic, the dual-sided Lightning and USB 3.0 Photofast MemoriesCable flash drive is a unique and and most often effective storage add-on, giving users the ability to both charge iOS device and manage its content.

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