by Adam Armstrong

QNAP Releases QTS Version 4.1

QNAP Systems announced today the availability of QTS 4.1, the latest version of their app-driven NAS operating system. Building on the usability and features of QTS 4.0, 4.1 adds even more apps to heighten entertainment for home users and productivity for businesses. There is also an array of mobile apps for Android and iOS devices allowing users to monitor, sync, stream, and share from their Turbo NAS anytime, anywhere.

QTS 4.1’s web-based multi-window operations help to simplify day-to-day operations of the QNAP Turbo NAS systems, for home users. Having dedicated apps for multimedia, managing and backing up files, QTS 4.1 gives home users everything they need in an easy, straightforward manner. With mobile accessibility, App Center, and an open development platform, users have the potential for near-unlimited functionality for their Turbo NAS servers.

There are plenty of productivity-enhancing apps for business users as well. Some of the new productivity apps are: SAMBA v4 allowing the Turbo NAS to act as a domain controller for Windows; Remote Replication allowing data synchronization between two Turbo NAS units; and vSphere Plug-in v1.3 allowing remote managing of VMware datastores.

New Apps and features include:

  • Notes Station: a digital notebook to records ideas and notes with large storage capacity on the private cloud
  • Signage Station: create animated content for display on TVs, tablets and mobile phones
  • Photo Station: adds personal photo wall, photo albums made by drag-n-drop, photos collection by dates or tags, journal history on Google Maps, and login with Facebook account
  • Video Station: adds video classification, video tags and smart collection
  • File Station: adds smart filters for file searching, photo thumbnails, VLC for multimedia streaming, and shared links allowing mutual file sharing
  • Qsync: adds versioning control
  • Qget: a mobile app for downloading files on the go, video backup from video sharing sites, and BT search and download tasks management
  • Qfile: adds zip/unzip support, music playback bar, and folder & file sharing
  • Qmusic: adds music searching by title, album, or artist
  • a QNAP membership portal for registering for a “QID,” managing multiple NAS, and publishing & sharing Turbo NAS services
  • SAMBA v4: supports domain controller for Windows, and SMB 3.0 protocol for Secured Data Transmission
  • QNAP NetBak Replicator: creates VSS snapshot of VM or database on the Windows, and backs up the content of the snapshot to the Turbo NAS; Supports VHD/VHDX backup
  • RTRR: supports 2-way synchronization between two Turbo NAS units and FTP root-path backup
  • vSphere Plug-in v1.3: remotely creates a datastore on a dedicated volume more flexibly;
  • Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V thin provisioning automatic space reclamation
  • Virtualization Station: enables managing multiple virtual machines created on the Turbo NAS
  • McAfee virus scanner: available in QNAP App Center with a 30-day free trial
  • Surveillance Station 5: increased compatible IP cameras to 2,600+, an intelligent user interface for intuitive operations, easier camera setup, faster video lookup, smart recording, 2 or 4 free IP camera channel offerings, Vcam mobile app support
  • App Center: provides more than 100 install-on-demand apps


QTS 4.1 is available now for select Turbo NAS models.

QTS 4.1 product page

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