by Michael Rink

Quest Releases QoreStor Version 6

Today Quest released version 6.0 of their QoreStor software. QoreStor is a software-defined deduplication and replication (e.g., for disaster recovery) platform. We covered its initial release in August of last year. Version 6.0 is a surprisingly high number for a product released only eleven months ago. 

What is Quest QoreStor?

Like previous versions of Quest's software-defined deduplication and replication program, QoreStor 6.0 remains a mostly hardware and software agnostic solution. QoreStor can present itself as storage familiar to a wide range of backup solutions allowing it to be deployed quickly and with minimal disruption.

QoreStor version 6.0 adds additional support and services for cloud services. The new features should work across both Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud storage platforms to provide secure, long-term data retention. QoreStor 6 adds two new cloud-centric tiers; Cloud Tier and Performance Tier. Cloud Tier is a policy-driven, cloud extension to QoreStor. Cloud Tier offers access to move and recover data from cloud storage. Performance tier is a high-speed Storage Group that allows for faster backup and instant recovery technologies. Performance Tier also provides 2x recovery point objectives (RPOs) that enable quick recovery.

The new version also adds some quality of life improvements. Most critically, it offers new role-based access controls, which will give customers better control. Another critical quality of life improvement is an update to the user interface (UI). The UI updates include an interactive dashboard. QoreStor 6 also streamlines workflows to reduce the cost of ownership and facilitate finding information that can be included in IT teams reports.

Existing customers and owners of DR series appliances will be able to upgrade to QoreStor 6 in-place. This will allow them to change from a fixed-appliance model to a software-defined model, all without having to move or migrate any backup data. New customers aren’t left out in the cold either. It’s always nice when a company provides a free demo of their software and Quest will continue to offer a free trial of QoreStor from their website.



Quest QoreStor

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