by Adam Armstrong

Quest Unveils Secondary SDS, QoreStor

Today Quest Software announced a new Software Defined Secondary Storage platform today, QoreStor. The new platform is backup vendor agnostic and leverages enterprise class compression and deduplication technology. QoreStor is touted to deliver always-on, always-available IT that hit compliance requirements and saves costs through storage reduction.

Quest has taken its industry proven DR Series of enterprise class deduplication and replication technologies with a software-defined delivery model, and leveraged them in its new QoreStor. The hardware agnostic nature of the platform means organizations can use it with their existing hardware saving costs. Quest goes on to state that it work with vendors including CommVault, Dell/EMC, Veritas, Veeam and IBM as well as virtualization platforms and cloud service providers, including: Azure, Amazon Web Services, VMWare, Hyper-V and KVM. QoreStor also comes as a cloud portal, allowing customer to monitor it from any location.

QoreStor Key Features & Functionality:

  • Next-generation storage dedupe engine: Lowers backup storage capacity requirements by up to 20:1 and helps organizations take advantage of enterprise-class variable-block deduplication.
  • Built-in protocol accelerators: Write operations with optimized client-side deduplication accelerate data ingest by up to 20 terabytes per hour to address ever-shrinking backup windows. Only unique data chunks are sent to QoreStor.
  • Remote replication for disaster recovery: Businesses have the benefit of replicating only changed data to a remote site, reducing replication windows by up to 10 to 15 times and reducing network bandwidth requirements by up to 85 percent.
  • Direct cloud backup: Source-side deduplication where only changes are transmitted allows organizations to back up directly to the cloud over a WAN but with LAN-like speeds. QoreStor also enables recovery point objectives (RPOs) on par with on-premises deployments -- even over a WAN. 
  • Secure connect: Eliminates incomplete backups due to disconnected links by automatically continuing a backup once the connection is re-established. Additionally, all data sent across the WAN is encrypted.
  • Data security: Built-in encryption at rest, secure erase and FIPS 140-2 compliance help businesses address demanding security requirements. Encryption at rest uses industry-standard 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard keys, which are generated either one time or at set intervals.


QoreStor is generally available now.

Quest QoreStor

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