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Ampace Andes 600 Pro: Yes, I needed RGB on my Power Station

by Jordan Ranous

If you’re looking for a power station that can handle keeping the juice flowing and look good doing it, the Ampace Andes 600 Pro is it.

The Ampace Andes 600 Pro portable power station is the latest on the review desk from Ampace Technology, a company focused on its innovative energy solutions and lithium-ion battery technology background. Ampace sent us a unit to review and a deep dive into the key features, performance, and overall user experience of the Andes 600 Pro.

Ampace Andes 600 Pro

These power stations are available now at major retailers. In the US, this unit goes for $449 at Amazon (20% off via that link through 6/15/24).

Advanced Battery Technology

At the heart of the Andes 600 Pro is its automotive-grade battery cell technology, a nudge to Ampace’s partnership with industry giants ATL and CATL. This collaboration brings over two decades of battery innovation, resulting in a power station that boasts a remarkable 584Wh capacity and a life cycle of up to 2000 cycles. The use of LiFePO4 provides a capacious and reliable power reserve, providing users with more power in a compact form.

The Andes 600 Pro is designed to be reliable even in extreme conditions. It can retain over 80% of its capacity at temperatures as low as -20°C (-4°F), making it a dependable power source in harsh environments. This resilience is achieved through the integration of Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Digital Signal Processor (DSP)-controlled high-frequency bidirectional Power Conversion System (PCS) technology, resulting in an inverter efficiency of up to 95%.

Versatile Charging Options

Ampace’s A-Boost fast charging technology meets the standard for convenience, supporting 550W grid charging, 200W solar charging, and 96W car charging. This versatility ensures that the Andes 600 Pro can be recharged quickly and efficiently, no matter the circumstance.

Ampace Andes 600 Pro back

User-Centric Design

The Andes 600 Pro is designed with the user in mind. It features nine output ports, including AC, DC, car socket, USB-C, and USB-A, catering to a wide array of devices and applications. Ampace’s advanced Battery Management System (BMS) optimizes battery usage, extends battery lifespan by up to 50%, and identifies internal short-circuit risks, ensuring safety and longevity.

Users can control and monitor the Andes 600 Pro via the Ampace mobile app connecting seamlessly through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The app allows users to check power levels, customize settings, adjust ambient RGB lighting, and manage temperature, providing an enhanced user experience.

The primary page allows for all of the main controls and monitoring of our inputs and outputs.

Finally, the settings provide Wi-Fi connection info, as well as settings for the RGB lights, A-Boost for allowing higher current for starting motors, and other timeout features.

Living With the Ampace Andes 600

Ok, taking a step back from the spec and fact sheets, the Ampace Andes 600 is a really good power station. We are, by design, holding back these power station reviews for a while to be able to truly experience new entrants. This one was a bit of a shock from the get-go. The packaging was great, the device arrived at the edge lab undamaged in great condition. After the initial charge, we noticed a bit of a “warm” electronic scent. However, the power stations performed not only to specification but also brought new features to the table that we didn’t even know we wanted.

RGB my Battery(?)

Yeah, let’s go there for a second. The top ring has one killer function: it allows you to see the charge status across the room. When the ring is full and pulsing green, you know it’s good to go. This sounds like a gimmick, but trust me.

Additionally, you can set up a few different patterns of that ring on the Ampace App. In dark and low-light environments, this feature really stands out; it’s not too “in your face.” You can of course completely disable this feature if you like.


Ampace Andes 600 Pro Specifications
Battery Capacity 584Wh
Battery Life Cycle Up to 2000 cycles
Output Ports AC, DC, Car Socket, USB-C, USB-A
Grid Charging 550W
Solar Charging 200W
Car Charging 96W
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to 45°C (-4°F to 113°F)
Inverter Efficiency Up to 95%
Battery Management System Advanced BMS with optimized battery usage, extended lifespan, and short-circuit risk identification
Control and Monitoring Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity via Ampace mobile app
Price $449
Discount 20% off on Amazon with code 20VFP648

We always like to test these systems from 100%-0% and back to 100% recharge to compare to the spec. We tested a few cycles, first out of the box and then after a few weeks of use. The results were within the margin of error. The Ampace Andes delivered, on average, 476Wh of power and required 577Wh to recharge. This is right at the ragged edge of the expectation of 80%+/- efficiency, but it does meet it.

We respect the 80% number and consider that a Pass in this test, as that accounts for thermal and efficiency losses in the inverters. Running USB-C or from the 12V output can yield better results. (I would rather manufacturers keep over-delivering than try to just meet these expectations.)

Ampace Andes 600 Pro in use


To start, yes, the RGB strip at the top is a feature, not a gimmick. It has a fantastic implementation, and honestly, everyone should consider this as an option.

The Ampace Andes 600 Pro brings a fun new feature to the portable power station market. Between its robust battery technology, versatile charging options, and, most importantly user-centric features this is a win in our book. Its ability to perform reliably in extreme conditions and the intelligent management system make it an excellent choice for consumers seeking a dependable and efficient portable power solution.

If you’re looking for a power station that can handle keeping the juice flowing in a pinch, or out camping, and still look good doing it, the Andes 600 Pro is your go-to. Ampace has presented a good product that is well made and very useable. So, pack up your doubts, charge up your devices, and embrace the future of portable power. And yes, it’s okay to admire the pretty lights while you’re at it.

$449 at Amazon (20% off via that link through 6/15/24)

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