by Adam Armstrong

Scality And Dell Partner To Expand SDS Options

Today Scality announced that it working with Dell to create new Software-Defined Storage (SDS) solutions that run on Dell’s hardware using Scality’s RING software. This collaboration means that Dell will now offer its PowerEdge Server, storage, and networking solutions based on RING software. This partnership gives enterprises all the benefits of Scality’s RING software (100% reliable, high performance, infinitely scalable, and hardware agnostic) with all of the support and performance that customers have grown to expect from Dell hardware.

As we’ve previously stated, RING software is a software-defined storage platform that uses a parallel architecture that can be deployed across commodity x86 servers in order to provide storage services that scale linearly to hundreds of petabytes and billions of objects. RING is hardware-agnostic and supports SSD and HDD storage media. We use several Dell platform in our lab including a Dell PowerEdge 13G R730 Cluster as well as a PowerEdge R730xd we use for our VSAN cluster.

RING being software agnostic and needs no qualifications, meaning that it can be ran on several different types of Dell hardware from various generations. Not only does that mean that customers had a wide variety of capacity and performance selections to choose from, they can continue to use older generations of hardware as they add new pieces in for scale and performance needs. The combination of Scality and Dell is ideal for cloud service providers, media and entertainment companies, research institutions, and telecom providers.


Dell’s PowerEdge line and Scality RING are both available now. Customers can try out Scality RING through a free trial on their site.

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