by Adam Armstrong

Supermicro Announces New 25G Ethernet Technology

Today Super Micro Computer, Inc. announced new 25G Ethernet Networking technology that will help the industry that is rapidly transitioning to higher network speeds. Supermicro is announcing new NICs and top of the rack (ToR) switches as well as a new switch with its X11 SuperBlade. These new products help set companies up on the path to 100G.

CPUs, Memory, and storage are just getting faster and faster. This shifts the bottleneck around and it is starting to land more and more on networking. If companies want to deliver overall improvements in performance they will have to start looking at faster networking and the first step is shifting to 25G Ethernet with eyes up the road to tackle upcoming issues and technologies. Transition from 10G to 25G can deliver 2.5x the performance for roughly the same price.

To aide companies in their transition to 25G, Supermicro is offering a wide range of 25G NIC solutions. These products are dual speed (operating at both 10G and 25G) making them a good fit for organizations in transition. If companies installed them now on their 10G network they would only need a configuration update to use them in a future 25G network.

For those that need a 25G switch, Supermicro is announcing its new SSE-F3548S 25G. This 48-port witch is cost-competitive with six uplinks of 100G; the uplinks can be split by four to support as many as 72 connections at 25G. The company also currently offers a 100G ToR switch with the SSE-C3632S. Specific to X11 SuperBlade users is the SBM-25G-100 ToR switch. This switch features twenty 25G downlink connections, four QSFP28 ports where each port can be configured as 40G or 100G uplink connections.


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