by Lyle Smith

Toshiba Acquires LITE-ON's SSD Business

Toshiba has announced today that it will be purchasing LITE-ON Technology’s solid-state drive business. In a signed definitive agreement, the purchase is estimated at 165 million USD and is expected to close by the first half of 2020. The announcement of the deal indicates that it will be subject to customary closing adjustments and regulatory approval.

LITE-ON is a Taiwan-based supplier of optoelectronics, storage, and semiconductors and is a manufacturer of consumer electronics. LITE-ON’s portfolio of SSDs includes enterprise/data center, business client, industrial and consumer models, such as the CA3, EPX, CV8, and the MU X1. In addition, LITE-ON bought the rights to license the Plextor brand back in 2010, so all storage products since then (especially SSDs, such as the Plextor M9Pe(G)) were manufactured by LITE-ON. Plextor, however, still sells products under other brands like PLEXLOGGER and PLEXTALK.

Though Toshiba already has a solid footing in the storage market, they believe that this new acquisition will further strengthen its SSD business and it looks to re-invent itself as Kioxia next month. 


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