by Adam Armstrong

Toshiba Announces XG5-P 2TB M.2 NVMe

Today Toshiba Memory America, Inc. (TMA) announced that it was expanding the XG5 lineup of NVMe SSDs, with the new XG5-P. The new drive is based on the same 64-layer, 3D BiCS FLASH memory as the XG5. The new drive series comes with up to 55% improvement in random read/write performance as well as capacities as high as 2TB, twice the capacity of the XG5.

P for premium, the new drive is Toshiba’s first 2TB NVMe M.2 drive (though it comes in 1TB capacity as well). Toshiba was able to double the capacity while still retaining the same 2.23mm thick single-sided M.2 2280 module form factor. This form factor is ideal for ultra-thin devices such as tablets and the thinner notebooks that have become popular in recent years. And having the same form factor across the entire XG5 portfolio means that designers don’t have to make changes to their products for various capacities.

The new SSD leverages a PCI Express (PCIe) Gen3 x4 lane and NVMe Revision 1.2.1 interface. This interface gives it better performance and power efficiency. From a performance perspective, the XG5-P is quoted at hitting 3GB/s sequential read and 2.2GB/s sequential write. For random workloads, customers should expect 265K IOPS write and 320K IOPS read. The drive will be able to hit all of these numbers while consuming less than 60mW.

The drives will also be offered as self-encrypting drive (SED) models supporting TCG Opal Version 2.01.

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