by Lyle Smith

Unitrends Release 9.0 Now Available

Unitrends has announced the availability of Release 9.0, the latest update to their data protection technology that powers its physical backup Recovery-Series family as well as its virtual Unitrends Enterprise Backup. Improving on Release 8.1, the newest version of the software has completely overhauled the customer experience by making it much easier for organizations to use and manage the company’s cloud-empowered backup and recovery offerings.

Unitrends Release 9.0 leverages automation, intelligent reporting and an intuitive user interface to significantly reduce the time required for routine tasks, indicating that it will allow businesses to recover their data, confidence, and time so they can focus on more critical projects. The software is designed to simplify everything from system setup and common backup and recovery tasks, all the way to troubleshooting and support. It consists of a user-centric dashboard and sections, which help to reduce entry errors, training time, and support costs. As a result, Unitrends asserts that this will increase productivity for administrators when it comes to corporate data protection and business continuity.

Release 9.0 features seamless integration with Unitrends ReliableDR and is boasted as the industry’s first recovery assurance for physical Windows backups as well as VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V applications. As such, IT admin will be able to validate the recovery of multi-tiered applications across virtual and physical environments, a function that is imperative for non-virtualized, mission-critical physical Windows servers.

Availability and Pricing

Unitrends has also updated their pricing structure with five different editions: Unitrends Free, Essentials, Standard, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus, all of which come with the company’s 24/7 customer support. Unitrends Release 9.0 is available now.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup

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