by Adam Armstrong

VMware Cloud Foundation Available On Dell EMC VxRail

Building off of the news from VMware this morning, Dell EMC announced the arrival of VMware Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC VxRail. The combination of these two technologies is said to give customers a quick and easy path to deploy and operate hybrid cloud through a fully integrated platform. 

Most in the enterprise have either switch to some type of hybrid cloud setup, or are considering it. A hybrid cloud offers several benefits, namely more flexibility when it comes to resource utilization. Another benefit is having part of users’ cloud on-prem for security and compliance reasons. Basically users can have the best of all worlds. However, setting up and using a hybrid cloud is complex and there are risks associated with it. Today’s announcement aims to deliver the benefits of the hybrid cloud while mitigating the risks.

Dell EMC VxRail is built for VMware. Integrating VMware Cloud Foundation with VxRail gives users a unified experience that is one complete, automated, turnkey on-premises experience. Dell EMC states that through the tight integration customer will see smooth, rapid deployment and a simplified management experience while also delivering infrastructure agility that can accelerate their organization’s ability to offer IaaS and PaaS. Recent updates to VMware Cloud Foundation nicely compliment the core functionality of VxRail. These include networking flexibility enabling Dell EMC networking integration benefits, as well as deployment options ranging from appliance to integrated rack offerings. The two companies also release software in a synchronous fashion so the HCI and cloud software benefits hit at the same time.


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