by Josh Shaman

WD Acquires VeloBit for Integration into HGST

WD is announcing its acquisition of VeloBit which creates high-performance storage I/O optimization software. The software adds a transparent acceleration layer that utilizes SSDs to drive performance. WD will wholly integrate Lincoln, MA based VeloBit into its subsidiary HGST to further drive HGST's continued push to deliver value for datacenter storage by utilizing software to achieve greater performance. With VeloBit's SSD caching software, HGST can provide organizations with low-latency, high IOPS solutions for greater density. The VeloBit acquisition builds on WD's proposed sTec acquisition for HGST that we recently wrote about, showing WD's push into the enterprise SSD space.

VeloBit was founded recently in September of 2010 by storage experts and entrepreneurs to commercialize their inventions in caching and data compression. Since then, its HyperCache has been selected by one publication as 2012 Storage Product of the Year, and VeloBit has won several benchmarks for I/O acceleration and server density optimization.

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