by Adam Armstrong

ZeroStack Announces GA of Industry’s 1st Zero-Touch Private Cloud

Today ZeroStack announced the general availability of ZeroStack Cloud Platform, what it is calling the industry’s first zero-touch private cloud. The ZeroStack Cloud Platform gives its customers the ability to deploy their own private cloud that is as easy to use as a public cloud.

ZeroStack was founded on the idea of building a simple to use and cost-effective private cloud. Cofounded by Ajay Gulati, a senior architect and R&D lead at VMware where he designed flagship products including Storage I/O control, Storage DRS and DRS, and Kiran Bondalapati, a founding engineer at Bromium where he architected Bromium’s security solution based on radically new techniques with hardware virtualization, ZeroStack brings together a team that has expertise in Virtualization, Storage, Networking, Distributed Systems, Management Platforms and DevOps.

The ZeroStack Cloud Platform is designed to address all of the challenges and pain-points involved in building a private cloud. At the same time it is also made to be as simple to use as a public cloud, with more control and security than public clouds tend to offer. ZeroStack claims that its customers can go from bare metal to running applications in the cloud in literally minutes as opposed to the months in can some times take setting up a private cloud.

ZeroStack delivers their new cloud solution through hyper-converged ZeroStack Cloud Building Blocks. As with most things hyper-converged, these 2U blocks integrates compute, storage, networking and management software. While it varies between customer needs, these blocks carry 4 severs in a 2U chassis with between 64-128 CPU cores, 512GB-1TB RAM, 6.4TB-19.2TB of SSDs, and 16TB-92TB of HDD storage. This on-premises infrastructure is consumed and managed by the innovative ZeroStack Cloud Portal. The architecture is symmetric and self-healing.

Benefits include:

  • Anyone can build a private cloud in less than 30 minutes — until now, it has taken a team of highly skilled experts weeks or even months to build a private cloud
  • A distributed, self-healing architecture managed by intelligent software that eliminates the need for IT administrator involvement to maintain a resilient environment
  • The ability to launch applications with a single click through the integrated catalog of templates in the built-in app store
  • Powerful new analytics simplifies troubleshooting and takes the guesswork out of capacity planning
  • Lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO) versus both public and private cloud alternatives.


The ZeroStack Cloud Platform is generally available today.

ZeroStack Cloud Platform

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