by Mark Kidd

Hitachi Unified Storage VM Consolidates Block, File, and Object Data for SME

Hitachi has announced the new Hitachi Unified Storage VM (HUS VM), a solution for small and medium enterprises to virtualize block, file, and object storage, including multivendor storage. According to Hitachi, the HUS VM requires 40% less power to operate and cool than comparably configured solutions from other vendors such as the EMC VMAX 10K.

The HUS VM is supported by Hitachi Command Suite software as part of a single management platform that integrates with VMware, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Microsoft Exchange Server and VMware View (VDI). Additional HUS VM plug-ins and adapters will help administrators integrate HUS VM with Microsoft System Center, Oracle Enterprise Manager and VMware vCenter.

Hitachi has developed HUS VM to support increasing SME needs for external virtualized capacity and what Hitachi says will be the highest single home directory size among comparable storage solutions. According to Hitachi, the HUS VM can also manage the largest volumes in its class and decreases the time needed to manage growth of large file systems. Hitachi will now also include HUS VM partner training into its TrueNorth Partner Scholarship Program at the Hitachi Data Systems Academy.

Hitachi Unified Storage VM (HUS VM)

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