by Josh Shaman

HP t820 Flexible Series Thin Client Announced

HP is announcing its most powerful thin client, the HP t820 Flexible Series Thin Client, which is designed to deliver high performance as well as security and manageability. The HP t820 is primarily designed for high-performance computing for specialty programs in fields including financial trading, architecture, engineering, military or the government sector. HP is also announcing support for new NVIDIA GRID cards for the HP WS460c Generation 8 (Gen8) Graphics Server Blade. The HP WS460c can be combined with the HP Multi-GPU Carrier, which enables up to eight users per blade. The HP t820 includes enhanced hardware to drive performance, added security features to protect data, and better integration for improved user experiences.

Amongst the enhanced features, available processors for the HP t820 include the Intel Core i5 or Intel Pentium, making the machine up to 8x faster than the HP t610. With the ability to control large quantities of data and mutliple applications simultaneously even on multiple screens can boost productivity. Also updated, the t820 ships with HP Velocity network performance software which can adapt to network conditions in real-time to improve utilization. The t820 is also VMware Horizon View certified and RFX certified for Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard (WES) 7 E operating systems. The t820 also features a built-in VGA port and DisplayPort 1.2 to ensure compatibility.

HP updated the HP WS460c Gen8 Graphics Server Blade with new NVIDIA GRID graphics cards which are designed for virtualized environments. HP’s technology is the first to enable multiple virtualized graphics users per blade, driving down costs significantly. The new NVIDIA GRID K1 and K2 GPU adapters also enable multiple PC or high-end graphics users per blade by providing graphics capability to each VM.

Pricing and Availability

The HP t820 is scheduled for November release, and pricing details are available upon request.

The HP WS460c Gen8 Graphics Server Blade with new NVIDIA GRID graphics cards are scheduled for availability in fall. Pricing starts at just under $9,000.

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