by Lyle Smith

LaCie Fuel 2TB Announced

LaCie has announced a 2TB version of their Fuel wireless hard drive, which is double the capacity the previous version. LaCie Fuel provides more storage than any 2.5” wireless hard drive on the market and is the ideal cable-free, portable solution for movie enthusiasts, photographers and others looking to gain 2TBs of on-the-go access and storage for iPad or iPhone and Mac. 

Professionals will also find that the larger capacity of the new 2TB LaCie Fuel ideal for their work. As the number of journalists, bloggers and photographers using iPhones to cover events grow, so does the need for storage, which gives them the ability to collaborate with colleagues and transfer their data while outside the office. While at the workplace, LaCie Fuel makes it convenient to wirelessly access photos and videos directly from the computer.

Some of the features the LaCie Fuel offers include:

  • Wireless streaming of content to up to five devices without an internet connection
  • The ability to create its own Wi-Fi network and act as a hotspot when connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi
  • Airplay compatibility for mirroring content on a larger screen
  • A 10–hour battery life

The LaCie Fuel uses the Seagate Media app, providing users with an efficient and easy way to navigate media libraries and documents on the iPad or iPhone, Android devices, and the Amazon Kindle.

Clearly LaCie is building off the Seagate parent, who is also the Samsung HDD parent, to include the M9T in this latest version of Fuel. The Samsung M9T is the only 9.5mm 2TB hard drive on the market right now, which facilitates higher density portable storage solutions like this. Seagate also used the M9T in their Backup Plus Fast for instance. The M9T gives a substantial design advantage to LaCie, who can work around the standard 9.5mm 2TB hard drive, where WD has only a 15mm 2.5" offering. 

Availability and Pricing

The LaCie Fuel 2TB carries an MSRP of $249.99, just $50 more than th street price of the 1TB version. It will be globally available via LaCie resellers in late April, 2014.

LaCie Fuel at Amazon

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