by Lyle Smith

QLogic FlexSuite 2600 Series Adapters Now Available

QLogic has announced its next-generation line of FlexSuite 2600 Series adapters, which are now available through authorized QLogic channel partners. QLogic FlexSuite "dual-personality" adapters can easily fit into current installations as a 16GB Fibre Channel adapter and will provide end-user field upgradeability to a 10GBE-based converged network adapter (CNA) in the future.

The FlexSuite adapters are equipped with QLogic I/OFlex technology: a field-configurable upgrade available next spring, which allows end-users to use the same hardware for 16GB Fibre Channel or 10GBE server connectivity. This technology also provides organizations with a future-proof approach to building highly agile infrastructure, protecting existing Fibre Channel investments and delivering an efficient and cost-effective path to network convergence. The FlexSuite Fibre Channel adapter personality is optimized for multitenant and highly virtualized environments and includes support for advanced features like virtual Fibre Channel in Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and priority N_Port ID virtualization (NPIV). Additionally, the FlexSuite CNA personality has one-of-a-kind 10GBE bandwidth management features such as NIC Partitioning (NPAR) combined with granular Quality of Service (QoS).

The FlexSuite 2600 Series is built with the much needed multi-protocol hardware offload and fully supports PCIe 3.0. It also gives superior raw performance exceeding 1.2 million IOPS on Fibre Channel networks. FlexSuite's dual-port architecture offers complete port-level isolation; this provides enterprise-class reliability and balanced, scalable performance across both ports unlike its closest competitors.

QLogic FlexSuite adapters are designed to meet the needs of rapidly evolving enterprises and to deliver increased agility by giving customers the versatility to handle any protocol, host, storage, or fabric from a single adapter platform. Additionally, QLogic enables administrators to centrally monitor, manage, update, and run diagnostics directly from the virtual machine server with its simplified management using common plug-ins for VMware vCenter Server and Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager. As a result, this simplifies management and administration by using a common tool to manage QLogic hardware all the while increasing efficiency for the IT administrator.

QLogic’s portfolio of Fibre Channel, 10GB Intelligent Ethernet, and converged networking adapters are backed by a five-year standard warranty. All QLogic-branded FlexSuite adapters come with a three year warranty when purchased; however customers can extend their warranty to five years at no cost by simply registering their adapters.

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