by Brian Beeler

Samsung SSD 830 Firmware CXM03B1Q Released

Samsung has released a new firmware for their SSD 830 line of drives. According to the release notes, firmware CXM03B1Q offers improved compatibility and stability of the firmware update tool, which some users had issues with when upgrading to the CXM02B1Q firmware. Samsung also made the firmware available through Samsung Magician or bootable USB/CD option.

The main updates to the SSD 830 came via the CXM02B1Q which was released January 10th. CXM02B1Q addresses the following issues:

  • Improved stability when waking up from hibernation mode (Blue screen, Hang problem solved)
  • Improved compatibility with some external hard disk enclosure vendors (partition error problem solved)
  • Solved compatibility problem with some laptop vendors (partition error problem solved)
  • Improved reliability (Increased SPOR related stability - Power loss management)

Firmware Download

How to: Upgrade Samsung SSD Firmware

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