by Lyle Smith

Seagate Business Storage NAS Announced

Seagate Technology has announced Seagate Business Storage, its newest network attached storage (NAS) offering for small office/home office (SOHO), remote mobile office (RMO) and small to medium-sized business organizations (SMBs). The new Seagate storage solution delivers centralized backup, data protection, and remote access to critical business information. The NAS units range from a single bay solution to four-bays and are sold bare or with hard drives in capacities ranging from 2TBs to 16TBs.

The new Seagate Business Storage provides a secure cost-effective solution for business collaboration and backup protection and can work well with existing cloud backup and online sharing services. It is designed to backup all PC and Mac computers in an organization to a single centralized location and includes backup software for Windows PCs. The NAS is also compatible with Time Machine for Mac OSX computers.

Seagate Business Storage is more or less a private cloud with the ability to reside in a single office location. It is also capable of providing access through both Android and iOS applications as well as a secure networked connection from any notebook. For users with important files that need increased protection, Seagate's new NAS also provides hardware encryption for specified files.

The 2 and 4 bay versions of Seagate Business Storage provides redundant backups of the information stored on the device. Additionally, its Universal Storage Module slot allows for plug-n-play removable external drives to be input and removed from the device, resulting in improved workflow and offsite backup capability.

Pricing and Availability

The one-drive solution ranges from 2 terabyte to 4 terabyte capacities (which are $199.99 and $329.00 respectively), the two-bay business storage solution is available as a chassis without drives for $199.99, a 4 terabyte version for an MSRP $469.99, a 6 terabyte version for an MSRP of $549.99, and $749.99 for an 8 terabyte model. The Business Storage four-bay solution will range from a no-drive chassis for $429.99 to 16 terabytes for $1499.99.

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