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Seagate NAS HDD Announced

Seagate is announcing their new NAS HDD which is a drive custom-designed for one to five-bay NAS systems and is offered in capacities up to 4TB. Seagate is offering the drive now as many NAS are sold bare, or diskless, leaving the consumer or organization with the work of finding the right drive. The 4TB option meets the growing demand for greater storage and joins in with other drives that have increased their capacity by around 30%. That means the NAS HDD can hold over 819k photos, 1 million songs or around 500 hours of HD video. Further, the NAS HDD is enjoying great support from a wide-range of NAS vendors.

Seagate NAS HDD Features

  • Highest Capacity NAS Drive: at up to 4TB available, the NAS HDD offers a 30 percent capacity advantage over the competition
  • Best Performance for 1- to -5-bay NAS Systems—NAS HDDs offer the highest throughput to deliver the performance demanded by NAS solutions
  • NASWorks— customized error recovery controls, power management and vibration tolerance for optimal performance and reliability
  • Improved Vibration Tolerance— dual-plane balance supports the unique weighted motor design minimizing vibration that can be amplified in multi-drive systems improving the drive’s performance and system reliability
  • Advanced Power Management— supports multiple user-selectable power profiles that can optimize power usage for different workloads
  • Quiet Drive Operation— enhances customer experience with near-silent acoustics for low-noise environments (ex. living rooms, office spaces)

The NAS HDD isn't solely concerned with capacity, it also delivers up to 10% greater performance for 24x7 NAS applications compared to competitors' solutions. The NAS HDD can support a range of user profiles as well as multiple HD video streams. On top of that, Seagate engineered the new HDD to operate extremely quietly at 1.9 bels, below the range of hearing for people. The drive also features Seagate NASWorks technology which improves drive reliability with features that limit drive vibrations and support for error recovery controls.

The Seagate NAS HDD is available now and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Seagate NAS

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