by Mark Kidd

STEC Announces 2TB SAS and PCIe SSDs and Updated EnhanceIO Caching Software

STEC has announced forthcoming 2TB s840 SSDs with an SAS interface as well as new 2TB s1120 PCIe accelerator SSDs, each offered in versions specified for unlimited writes. STEC has also released a significant update to its drive-agnostic EnhanceIO SSD Cache Software that optimizes virtualization applications in Windows and Linux environments.

STEC’s announcement emphasized the company’s ongoing commitment to developing new SAS- and PCIe SSD technology. Both drives represent increased capacity for their respective product families and incorporate proprietary STEC features to improve performance and enhanced data protection. Both solutions feture STEC-developed ASIC designs that improve longevitiy and reduce power consumption.


The s840 appears as a standard 2TB SAS drive that can be managed by existing storage management tools. A proprietary controller allows the product to provide 12 to 25 percent greater capacity than other SAS SSD on the market, and STEC’s PowerSafe technology protects against unscheduled power outages.

STEC s1120 PCIe Accelerator

The 2TB s1120 will offer the largest capacity of STEC’s s1100 Series PCIe accelerators. STEC has tuned the s1120's power consumption to less than 25W in order to better compete in hyper-scale datacenters and other markets where even small decreases in power consumption on the drive level correlate to substantial cost savings at scale. The s1120 also features PowerSafe data protection technology.

EnhanceIO SSD Cache Software

EnhanceIO is STEC’s drive-agnostic caching software designed to create, configure, and analyze storage environments. The new version adds non-disruptive write-back caching that improves performance and reduces latency. The upgrade includes usability improvements and a GUI that compiles additional management statistics and analytics.


The STEC 2TB s840 SAS SSD and 2TB s1120 PCIe Accelerator SSD will be available in February with volume pricing starting at $7,995 and $9,425, respectively. EnhanceIO Cache Software is available now for download from STEC’s EnhanceIO page at $295 for Linux and $495 for Windows.

STEC EnhanceIO SSD Cache Software