by Adam Armstrong

Avere Announces Virtual FXT Edge Filer

Avere Systems has announced the release of its high-performance, scalable software NAS with its latest version of Avere Operating System (AOS 4.5), the Virtual FXT Edge Filer. The Virtual FXT Edge Filer provides complete flexibility to deploy and scale compute in the cloud, using both on-premises and cloud-based storage resources such as Amazon EC2.

With the virtual version of Avere's FXT Edge Filer, companies are able to combine the usage of compute cloud, storage cloud, and on-premises storage seamlessly. Users can take advantage of the flexibility and massive scale of the cloud while using their existing storage and maintaining performance. The Virtual FXT Edge Filer even runs Big Data in the compute cloud alongside other applications allowing the applications to run at maximum performance and providing low latency access to active data. Virtual FXT Edge Filer also has cloudbursting support (burst computing at peak times) with no hardware purchase or long-term software licenses necessary.

Benefits include:

  • Easy to install and deploy
  • Flexibility to deploy applications in the cloud
  • Runs in Amazon EC2
  • Best-in-class NAS functionality
  • Big data processing with no performance degradation
  • Cloudbursting support
  • Click of a button expansion for scaling
  • 100% virtual: no hardware to install or maintain


The Virtual FXT Edge Filer is available now and can be purchased through Avere Systems directly.

Avere Cloud NAS Page

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