by Adam Armstrong

Avere Expands Offerings For Google Cloud Platform

Today Avere Systems announced that it is expanding some of its offerings for Google Cloud Platform. These will include support for a new instance, the ability to use Local SSD as the Edge filer cache, and additional support for Google Cloud Storage in the introduction of Nearline and Durable Reduced Availability (DRA) storage options. Avere is also expanding its offerings for Google Cloud Engine by delivering higher performance with support for the n1-highmem-32 instance. These new enhancements give customers more flexibility to fit their applications.

This introduction of new enhancements to Google Cloud Platform, for both Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage, follows the earlier announcement of Avere and Google collaborating to deliver high compute and storage in the cloud. This collaboration enabled users to move more demanding workloads and datasets into the cloud. This collaboration combined with todays enhancements give users a gain greater choice of services that best fit the cost, availability, and latency requirements of their applications.

The new enhancements include:

  • For Google Compute Engine
    • Support for a new instance, the n1-highmem-32. This instance provides the highest number of virtual CPUs (32) and the largest amount of memory (208GB) in Google Compute Engine, delivering the highest per-instance file-serving performance for the Avere Virtual Edge filer. To enable a large data working set and a high cache “hit rate” the Virtual Edge filer is configured with 4TB of Persistent SSD.
    • Existing support of the n1-highmem-8 instance has been extended to include the ability to use 1.5TB of Local SSD as the Edge filer cache. Local SSD provides the highest possible performance because the SSD is internal to the instance and network latency is eliminated. Customers also have the option to configure the n1-highmem-8 instance with 1TB of Persistent SSD to reduce cost.
  • For Google Cloud Storage
    • Adding Google Cloud Storage Nearline and Durable Reduced Availability (DRA) object storage options to existing support for Standard storage.

Availability and pricing

The Avere Virtual FXT on Google Cloud Platform is available now and pricing is $0.013/hr per virtual CPU accessing the scalable file system provided by the Virtual FXT. Avere software is sold separately from Google Cloud Platform expenses.

Avere Virtual FXT

Google Cloud Platform

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