by Adam Armstrong

Brocade Announces Analytics Monitoring Platform

Today Brocade announced the release or its new Analytics Monitoring Platform. Designed to lower costs and create a higher ROI, then new product line from Brocade gives IT high levels of monitoring and analysis between servers and storage. This enables organizations to better predict performance and operational stability of their IT infrastructure.

In the past monitoring and analyzing IT infrastructure was an arduous and time-consuming process that required a great deal of knowledge in order to optimize application performance. It generally was faced with either using a manual method, by way of Excel spreadsheets or expensive automated tools that added yet another layer of complexity and potentially introduced more problems. The new solution from Brocade aims to be superior to these methods while also being much more simple.

Brocade’s Analytics Monitoring Platform gives enterprises new insights as it monitors application- and device-level I/O performance and traffic behaviors without compromising security or placing additional strain on compute, storage, or network resources. The platform can monitor and analyze up to 20,000 data flows and millions of IOPS on a single system. Traffic of all network-connected devices is monitored including data flow between servers and storage devices, giving administers visibility into the performance of all applications.

The Analytics Monitoring Platform connects to a single port on a Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel and then the device uses its dual onboard processors to begin its monitoring. It only takes a few minutes to install and begin analyzing performance. Brocade’s Analytics Monitoring Platform also works with Brocade SAN Content Pack for vRealize giving visibility into VMware environments as well.


Brocade’s Analytics Monitoring Platform is available now.

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