by Adam Armstrong

Caringo Launches Swarm 9

Caringo has announced that it has released the latest version of its object storage software, Swarm version 9. Swarm 9 focus on simplified tenant and data management at scale. The latest version of Swarm comes with new features such as a next-generation UI, data encryption, and comprehensive protection policies.

A couple of months ago Caringo released SwarmNFS, the first lightweight file converter to use up to 80% fewer resources than traditional gateways and bring the benefits of object storage to NFS applications. SwarmNFS allows Swarm 9’s features to be available non-disruptively, allowing for continuously protected, easily distributed, accessed and modified via multiple protocols for companies’ data. 

New features include:

  • New User Interface — Provides both hardware and content management. Administrators and end-users can use the new HTML5-responsive UI to monitor usage, specify data protection policies, and search their content with unified access across desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • Quota Management — Manages storage and bandwidth control at the tenant, storage domain and bucket levels via the new UI or REST API, enabling administrative control, end-user self servicing, and dev-ops process automation—making it even easier to provide public or private cloud storage.
  • Historical Metrics and Trends — Presents Swarm metrics within new UI and through REST APIs so that customers can leverage third-party data analysis tools such as Kibana.
  • Encryption at Rest — Provides industry-standard AES-256 whole volume encryption, eliminating the need to scrub retired or failed hardware before replacement.
  • Metadata Annotation — Allows users to attach structured or unstructured metadata to existing objects without altering the base object.
  • Elasticsearch 2.x — Provides an analytics engine designed for horizontal scalability and open access to Swarm’s operational metrics, metering, and metadata. Used through the new UI or with 3rd-party big data tools.
  • Integrated SwarmNFS Management — Offers complete management for SwarmNFS with the ability to define shares for domains and buckets as well as the results of any metadata search.


Caringo Swarm 9 is available now. Caringo is also offering a discounted Quick Start Bundle that includes 100 TBs of Swarm 9, SwarmNFS, remote installation, training, and one year support.

Caringo Swarm

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