by Lyle Smith

Caringo Swarm Now Available For Microsoft Azure

Caringo has announced the immediate availability of its Swarm object storage software on Microsoft Azure. Swarm is designed to aid in the rapid deployment of highly reliable, scalable and compliant storage to developers and enterprises in any of the global network of managed data centers that Azure currently offers. In addition, applications using Amazon S3 much will be able to move to Azure much easier when using Caringo Swarm.

Caringo indicates that, when coupled with Azure, Swarm offers organizations instant global infrastructure designed for the Cloud Age and more. It does this by integrating with Windows or NetApp file servers as well as using policy-based movement for an infinite tier of storage. When files are located on Swarm, they can be combined and protected in a searchable pool for continued use and complex analysis. Caringo Swarm also offers built-in features including WORM, integrity seals, and legal hold.

When leveraging Azure, Caringo Swarm states the following benefits to both enterprises and developers:

  • Optimize primary storage through automated tiering to Azure from filers without changing mount points or work flows
  • Move storage from Amazon S3 to Azure while maintaining application interoperability
  • Consolidate files from all filers into a limitless tier of object storage accessible through a web-based portal for search and administration
  • Access and manage files universally through cloud and file protocols and RESTful APIs
  • Rapidly deploy disaster recovery sites globally

Caringo Swarm is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. In addition, Caringo is offering a free trial of up to 32TB of Swarm storage for Microsoft Azure users for a limited time only.

Caringo Swarm

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