by Adam Armstrong

Catalogic Software Introduces ECX Instant Copy Data Management Platform

At NetApp Insight US, Catalogic Software announced its new ECX Instant Copy Data Management Platform. The software is aimed at giving administrators control over the proliferating data copies. The software is extensible through plug-in providers: NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP, ONTAP 7-mode, CLOUD ONTAP, and VMware.

While increasing primary data posing a risk on its own, copy data is growing geometrically. While copy data is integral to businesses, some data is being copied unnecessarily and is costing businesses billions (according to an IDC estimate).

The ECX Data Management Platform gives storage administrators the ability to track the copies with a “catalog-based methodology and integrated, end-to-end workflows.” The software tackles the massive amount of Copy Data with instant data access and re-use for multiple purposes across data recovery. It is well suited for disaster recovery and business continuity. And it can transform Test/Dev into DevOps.

NetApp administrators can incorporate ECX even if they are already invested in Snapshots, SnapManagers, SnapVault, and SnapMirror. VMware administrators can use ECX to manage the re-use of copy data of VM and VM snapshot sprawl. There’s no need to change to NetApp or VMware environments as there is also an agent-less ECX software.

Benefits include:

  • Instant visibility – the software provides an actionable catalog of all data and gives instant access to data copies across multiple environments. For IT organizations looking to migrate to the cloud and clustering, the ECX provides a unique content-driven view and insight.
  • Operational insight – The actionable catalog gives administrators efficient use of copy data for data management with the insight provided through analyzing millions of data points.
  • Business control – the software can automate and unify several tasks eliminating scripting, multiple tools, and separate consoles giving users a simple intuitive workflow. Everyday storage tasks and more business agility can be more efficiently handled by leveraging existing copy data for multiple data re-use purposes.

Availability and pricing

ECX Instant Copy Data Management Platform is now available and starts at $5000 per NTAP controller.

Catalogic Software Site

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