by Adam Armstrong

Cisco Plans To Purchase CliQr

So far today Cisco has made a few announcements about expanding its portfolio, surrounding its switches and its new HCI platform. Now Cisco is planning on bolstering its cloud options with its intent to purchase the privately held CliQr Technologies Inc. CliQr, which is already integrated into several of Cisco’s data center switching and cloud solutions, including UCS and ACI, provides an application-defined cloud orchestration platform to model, deploy and manage applications across bare metal, virtualized and container environments. Cisco states that the acquisition will help its customers to simplify and accelerate their private, public and hybrid cloud deployments.

Though we haven’t covered them in the past, CliQr helps customers manage the entire application lifecycle across hybrid IT environments regardless of complexity, through a single, intuitive platform. The platform, CloudCenter, is ideal for organizations that are looking to moving to the cloud and for those that already have multiple applications on various clouds and are looking for more visibility and control. After the acquisition Cisco intends to integrate CliQr across its data center portfolio. The acquisition should help Cisco customers to automate and manage application policies across the entire data center stack. CliQr has out-of-the box support for all major public cloud environments.

CliQr provides customers with several key benefits:

  • Profile once, deploy anywhere: CliQr’s solution allows customers to create a single application profile that is simple and secure to deploy across any data center, public or private cloud.
  • Ensure consistent policies: CliQr automatically applies a customer’s access control and security policies to an application, and then ensures that those policies move with the application.
  • Optimize applications across hybrid cloud environments: CliQr will measure both price and performance of applications on any cloud environment, helping users to make informed decisions about the best place for their application on any data center or cloud.
  • Manage with one-click: CliQr provides a single management interface to give customers complete visibility and control across applications, cloud environments and users.

The acquisition is expected to happen in the third quarter of this year and under the terms of the agreement Cisco will pay $260 million in cash and assumed equity awards, plus retention based incentives. CliQr’s team will join Cisco’s Insieme Business Unit under Prem Jain, senior vice president and general manager.

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