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Cisco Announces New Data Center Switches & Software

Along with all the Gen 6 Fibre Channel announcements this morning, Cisco is also making some networking announcements around new data center switches and software. Cisco’s new switches and software help customers future proof their data centers in a cost–effective way. The new announcements feature the new Nexus 3000, 9200, 9300EX, and 9500 series. These new switches will help customers excel their transition to digitization, container-based applications, and micro-services.

Cisco’s new switches are all about delivering the speed needed for next-generation data centers. This new 100Gbps data center architecture is designed for multi-cloud environments that offer embedded security, pervasive visibility and consistent policy-based automation for on-premise data centers and across public cloud environments. One step toward this goal is the new Nexus 9000 series of switches, based on Cisco ASIC innovations. The new series enables customers to transition from 10/40Gbps networks to 10/25/40/50/100Gbps at the price of today’s 10/40Gbps networks with an increase of 2.5 – 10X bandwidth.

Benefits of the Nexus 9000 series include:

  • The Cisco Nexus 9200 series and next-gen Nexus 9300EX switches are the industry’s first native 25Gbps-capable switches, delivering 25/50/100Gbps speeds at the cost of 10/40Gbps
  • The Cisco Nexus 9500 now offers an upgrade to high-density 100Gbps infrastructure with the existing chassis: the industry’s first non-blocking wire rate router with 36 ports of 100Gbps in a single rack unit
  • Common hardware portfolio support available through consistent RESTFUL APIs, and comprehensive self-service Davos automation, supporting programmable networks, programmable fabric and ACI
  • Intelligent buffers in the leaf and spine deliver dedicated buffers to ensure lossless storage traffic
  • Wire rate NetFlow offers data center wide granular visibility in real-time to enable better business insights, pervasive security and capacity planning
  • Unique adaptive traffic congestion control improves application completion time by over 50%
  • Continued enhancement of industry-leading NX-OS for the data center with innovations such as segment routing, in service software upgrade, and microburst detection which allows customers unparalleled traffic control, operational flexibility and fine grained visibility and security for the modern data center.

Cisco is also introducing new Nexus 3000 data center switches based on the current generation of merchant silicon solidify the industry’s broadest data center switching portfolio. The new Nexus 3000 switches deliver 25/50/100Gbps on a merchant silicon platform. Cisco also likes to note that it has already shipped over 10 million ports on the Nexus 3000 family.

Cisco is introducing its new Nexus Fabric Manager that will automate the complete fabric lifecycle management with a simple point-and-click web interface, and offer automated configuration snapshots and rollbacks. Nexus Fabric Manager builds and self-manages a VXLAN-based fabric, dynamically configuring switches based on simplified user-based actions. And the Fabric mange is easy to deploy, it only takes 3 steps, and all fabric switches can be upgraded through 4 mouse clicks.

Cisco is also announcing software enhancements enable ACI support for Cisco Nexus 7000 switches and the expansion of its ACI Ecosystem. The software update to its Nexus 7000 series help to protect customer technology investments in the most common deployment scenarios. The new partners Cisco is gaining from its ACI Ecosystem are Veritas, Infoblox, N3N, Tufin, vArmour, Apprenda, and Vnomic.

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