by Lyle Smith

Coho Data Now Supports OpenStack & Adds SDN Integration Into Cinder Storage

Coho Data has announced support for OpenStack on DataStream and that their Cinder driver is a part of the OpenStack Mitaka. The scale-out flash storage company indicates that DataStream Cinder API integration will allow organizations to develop OpenStack block storage infrastructure, which will dynamically scale both performance and capacity depending on application demands. 

The Coho DataStream architecture is purpose-built to handle cloud infrastructures while its SDN integration offers network optimized workload distribution and parallelization, the latter which supports the scalability requirements of cloud-based applications. In addition, Coho adds that DataStream meets OpenStack’s “primary design requirements” by providing horizontal scalability and shared-nothing architecture as well as the capability to distribute everything. As a result, this promotes business agility for organizations and increases operational efficiency when using OpenStack cloud infrastructure.

Coho’s per-VM visibility for VMware vSphere environments is also compatible with OpenStack environments. This feature enables OpenStack VM instance level real-time performance analytics via both Coho’s REST API and web-based Management UI. Coho believes that this will aid organizations to simplify performance troubleshooting.

Coho indicates the following benefits with DataStream Cinder API integration:

  • Scalability to ensure business agility – providing users with seamless and horizontal scaling in response to both capacity and performance demands
  • Simplicity to enable operational efficiency – offering enterprises the ability to set up and make their storage operational in 15 minutes and to seamlessly expand or upgrade to next generation storage nodes without the need for forklift upgrades
  • Unparalleled Performance – allowing users to run performance sensitive workloads at large scale on commodity storage servers that are populated with dense SSD flash. Coho’s SDN integration optimizes storage network throughput and intelligent automates data placement decisions to get maximum utilization of storage resources

Coho Data will be on hand at OpenStack Summit 2016 to demonstrate this new support, as well as other current products, on April 25 to 29.

Coho Data

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