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Commvault Announces Commvault Activate

Today at their annual GO conference in Nashville, Tennessee, Commvault announced its new solution to help customers gain data-drive insights and actions, Commvault Activate. Commvault Active allows users to “know their data” through a merger of knowledge and analysis that will become actionable use-cases. This analysis can lead to several benefits that include improved business decision making, lowered data storage costs, compliance readiness, risk, amongst others.

As the enterprise moves past the mad scramble of collecting and backing up Big Data, it is moving toward taking the collected data and gaining valuable insights from it. Aside from gaining benefits like efficiencies and potential revenue, knowing what is collected leads to better management and the better ability to hit compliance regulations such as GDPR. Knowing where the data is and what it means can only be done successfully through automation or leveraging newer technologies like AI. 

Commvault Activate address the above concerns through its powerful open, dynamic index, the Commvault 4D Index, and by leveraging AI. The AI will be able to learn about different types of data regardless of where it is stored, including on third-party tools. Once the knowledge is unearthed, users can take what they learn and apply it to dashboards and automated policies. The new insights will also span into backup and archive data that is stored with Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery. Commvault Activate can be introduced as a stand alone solution or fully integrated in with existing data management solutions. 

Commvault Activate maps and profiles data sources to enable enterprises to perform the following analysis centrally:

  • Identify redundant, obsolete and other unnecessary data they have stored and backed-up, immediately reducing their on-premises or cloud storage costs.
  • Assess data usage to move infrequently accessed data to less expensive storage, and frequently accessed data to high-performance storage – reducing costs and improving data availability and application performance. 
  • Identify pockets of critical, valuable or sensitive data (such as personal data, intellectual property and contracts), enabling them to move this data to storage in a specific country or geographic zones, and implement policies to better protect and secure this data, reducing risks associated with data privacy compliance and cybersecurity. 
  • Identify the duplication patterns of files to determine the right strategies to better control this information and derive value from it.
  • Identify data ownership to improve data governance decision making and close gaps in data ownership, reducing data stewardship risks.
  • Assess data not yet protected by Commvault Complete, to help develop appropriate data protection strategies for this data.

Commvault Activate also comes with a portfolio of applications that aim to help customers as they look to act on the insights gained from their data. These applications can help with issues such as retiring unneeded data, reclaiming space, move data to a better media for usage such as cloud, secure personal information, and aid in compliance. The Sensitive Data Governance application automates processes that help to simplify best practices. It also does the following:

  • Detection and risk scoring of personal and other sensitive data across unstructured data holdings, that can help to drive remediation, validation of manual processes and uncover additional data blind spots.
  • Risk profiling that helps to prioritize risk mitigation plans when faced with data overload.
  • Proactive cleanup of unnecessary personal data, directly from the data source and any backup copies.
  • Review and approval processes to support the joint decision making required by IT and business units in support of investigations and data subject rights (including access and erasure – right to be forgotten).
  • Automated remediation of actions dictated by data subject requests with full audit trails to prove compliance.


Commvault Activate and the Strategic Data Governance application will be generally available in December 2018.

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