by Adam Armstrong

Cray Launches Sonexion 2000

Cray Inc. announced the launch of the latest addition to its line of scale-out Lustre storage solutions, Cray Sonexion 2000 system. The Sonexion 2000 is designed for a broad rand of supercomputing workloads. The system can scale throughput performance around 2TB/s in a single file system and it features up to 360TB of useable capacity per Scalable Storage Unit.

The Cray Sonexion 2000 provides a 50% increase in performance and capacity than its predecessor (the Cray Sonexion 1600 system) in the same footprint, a 50% reduction of a petascale system compared to a component-based solution. The system comes preconfigured enabling faster deployment time. The Sonexion 2000 is highly scalable with performance of a single file system scaling from 7.5GB/s to 1TB/s, and capacity scaling in modular increments, over 2PB per rack.

The new software-based GridRAID, a declustered parity protection system, offers higher levels of data protection and up to three and a half times faster rebuild times over RAID6 and MD-RAID. With Cray Cluster Connect, the Sonexion 2000 works seamlessly with any Linux cluster.

Sonexion 2000 specifications:

  • Rack: 42U
  • Data Switches: Dual 36 port InfiniBand FDR switches standard
  • Management Swtiches: Dual 24 port Gigabit Ethernet switches (with optional Dual 48 port Gigabit Ethernet switches)
  • Passive standard coling with optional water cooling
  • Scalable Storage Unit
    • Base/Expansion Unit Height: 5U
    • Base/Expansion Unit Data Storage: 84 drive slots
    • Base/Expansion Unit Data Drive Types: 82 x 4TB or 6TB 7.2K RPM SAS, 2 x SSDs
    • IOR Read/Write Bandwidth: 7.5GB/s sustainable (InfiniBand)
  • Power consumption: <16 kilowatts


The Cray Sonexion 2000 system is now available.

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