by Lyle Smith

Dell Announces Complete Active Directory Backup & Recovery For Azure Cloud Environments

Dell has announced the latest update to Dell Recovery Manager for Active Directory and Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest (RMAD) with Edition 8.7, which allow businesses running hybrid Active Directory environments with Azure AD Connect to back up, view and restore changes to AD objects in both real time on-premises and in the cloud. RMAD also allows for on-premises automated forest-level recovery and the ability to create of a fully functional virtual lab environment.

RMAD now integrates with Dell InTrust’s IT Search feature, which is a web-based interactive search and store engine that helps improve the efficiency of security investigations and audits while providing instant insight into the relationships between data and users. Users are able to attain useful insights into who changed critical Active Directory objects as well as any modifications made within Recovery Manager. With before and after values, users can also easily restore changed AD objects to their previous state while Azure AD Connect synchronizes changes to Azure AD.

Recovery Manager offers users proactive disaster recovery testing by automating the creation of a virtual AD lab using production data. This gives IT departments a robust view how their disaster recovery plans, or new software, will function without disrupting daily operations. Recovery Manager also simultaneously automates and simplifies the recovery of a forest or domain when a disaster occurs and then swiftly restores the environment to a specific pre-corruption state.

Dell Recovery Manager’s support for Azure with AD Connect is comprised of item-level recovery, comparison reports, and attribute rollback. Additionally, the solution’s on-premises AD support includes restoring DNS and Group Policy object restores as well as forest-level recovery, virtual lab creation, health checks, and AD management.


Dell Software’s Recovery Manager for Active Directory and Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition 8.7 are now available while InTrust version 11.1 will be available later this month. 

Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition

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