by Adam Armstrong

Dell Announces PowerEdge FX Converged Architecture

Today Dell announced its new next-generation converged architecture, the Dell PowerEdge FX. This is one of the several new solutions Dell is introducing in order to bridge the gap between traditional IT requirements and new application requirements. All of these new solutions and appliances will help customers on their path to software-defined data centers (SDDC), with future-ready IT solutions.

As data centers evolve, IT has to not only be ready to tackle the upcoming changes, they have to support the existing application requirements as well. The Dell PowerEdge FX is Dell’s approach to converged infrastructure that meets these evolving business needs. The Dell PowerEdge FX has one common modular and scalable platform with servers, storage, and networking integrated to ease management, increase scale, and decrease budget.

The PowerEdge FX2 is a 2U enclosure with six PowerEdge server, storage, and IOA sleds. The enclosure shares power, cooling, management, and PCI connectivity. The PowerEdge FX allows customers to tailor their infrastructure's computing, storage, caching, and connectivity priorities to their specific needs. Scaling can be done rapidly and easily with the infrastructure's density (up to 20 2-socket servers in 10U) that will allow more for services while using fewer resources. And the FX has a simple-to-use, flexible management.

The sleds include:

  • FC630 – dense virtualization, 2S half width, up to 4 per FX2 enclosure
  • FC430 – HPC, 2S quarter width, up to 8 per FX2 enclosure
  • FM120x4 – web serving, 1S Atom width, up to 16 servers (4 nodes) per FX2 enclosure
  • FC830 – database, 4S full width, up to 2 per FX2 enclosure
  • FD332 – flexible DAS, half width direct attach storage with up to 16 drives per module, up to 3 per FX2 enclosure
  • FN IOA – IO aggregator, designed for simple, integrated network solutions, up to 2 per FX2 enclosure


The Dell PowerEdge FX2 chassis and the FC630 & FM120x4 sleds will be available in December 2014 while the FD332, FN IOA, FC430, and FC830 sleds will be available in the first half of 2015.

Dell PowerEdge FX2 Review

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