by Adam Armstrong

Dell EMC Introduces PowerMax, New VxBlock System, & Enhanced XtremIO

Today At Dell Technologies World 2018, Dell EMC made several new product announcements around improving the modern data center with new levels of performance and efficiency. The new products include what Dell EMC is calling the world's fastest storage array, the PowerMax, an end-to-end engineered NVMe array that is also ready for NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF). Dell EMC is launching a new VxBlock 1000 System with support for PowerMax and is updated XtremIO adding native replication. The new products are suited for today's needs as well as the needs of the future.

Technology in the IT field, as well as all other fields, is changing at a rapid rate. And as the saying goes: if you snooze you lose. Those that aren't willing to embrace the new technology get left behind. Embracing the emerging fields gives companies a leg up on their competition or allows them to easily deal with the increasing demands they face. Dell EMC has embraced emerging technology and are now brining new levels of performance to their customers.

Touted as the future of enterprise-class storage, the Dell EMC PowerMax is architected with end-to-end NVMe and a built-in, real-time machine learning (ML) engine. Replacing the VMAX, the PowerMax has quoted performance of up to 10 million IOPS, 50% better response times and twice as fast as the nearest competitor. The end-to-end NVMe also supports NVMe-oF for those in the need of very fast storage with very low latency. This makes it ideal for the most demanding applications and workloads.

It is not just more power under the hood, the PowerMax also comes with an OS that has ML built-in to automate storage, leverage predictive analytics, and maximize performance through pattern recognition. Dell EMC states that they are the only company leveraging this level of software intelligence, currently analyzing 425 billion data sets in real time. Knowing that NVMe storage isn't cheap, PowerMax comes with 5:1 data reduction through deduplication and compression. And it can hit six 9s of availability.

In an age where HCI is rapidly gaining market share, where would a new array fit: right in the HCI on its storage side. The Dell EMC VxBlock System 1000 has added support for the PowerMax and XtremIO X2 arrays. This makes the new VxBlock more powerful and flexible. Dell EMC has added PowerMax and the new VxBlock to its ProDeploy Plus services to speed implementation.

Dell EMC has made some advancements to XtremIO X2 as well that we go into more depth in a follow up piece. However, it be noted that the company is claiming up to 55% lower costs than the previous generations.

Hinted at here today is a new kinetic infrastructure PowerEdge Server, the PowerEdge MX. This modular solution is aimed at the modern data center and is expected to be available later this year, with perhaps more details.


Dell EMC’s Modern Data Center solutions PowerMax and XtremIO X2 with native replication, as well as VxBlock System 1000 with XtremIO X2, are available now. VxBlock System 1000 with PowerMax support is expected to launch this summer. Dell EMC PowerEdge MX has planned global availability for the second half of 2018.

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