by Adam Armstrong

Dell EMC Launches All-Flash Isilon F810

Today Dell EMC announced that it has expanded its flagship unstructured data storage system, Isilon, with another new all-flash version. The new Dell EMC Isilon F810 will bring all-flash performance to help users unlock the full potential of their unstructured data. The company also released new data management software, Dell EMC ClarityNow, to give users better visibility into their unstructured data both in the cloud and on-prem.

Data has become something of a gold mine in the last few years. Companies are generating more and have the need to store more data than ever before by a wide margin. A big chunk of this data is unstructured. If companies are able to analyze this data in a timely fashion they can gain insights that lead to better business decisions, efficiency, and potential revenue streams. In order to run these analytics programs more performance is needed, while at the same time budgets need to be controlled or even lowered. Organizations need an efficient manner for storing this data while having a powerful way to analyze it.

Dell EMC answers these challenges with its new all-flash Isilon offering the F810. This 4U storage system is stated to deliver up to 250K IOPS and 15GB/s of bandwidth and is scalable up to 9 million IOPS and 540GB/s in a 144 node cluster. The system is powered by Isilon OneFS operating system allowing for users to consolidate data, eliminate inefficient storage silos, simplify management, and support a wide range of applications and workloads on a single storage platform. OneFS also has powerful data analytics and helps users optimize storage resources.

To further save on storage resources, the Dell EMC Isilon F810 comes with an inline data compression ratio of up to 3:1. Dell EMC claims this can provide up to 33% more effective storage capacity per raw TB compared to competitive offerings. This data reduction provides 2.2PB per 4U chassis of effective storage and 79.6PB in a 144 node cluster. 

The new Isilon F810, much like the previous versions, is future-proofed in the fact that it can easily integrate with existing Isilon solutions without the need of manual data migration. The F810 is covered under Dell EMC’s Future-Proof Loyalty Program with benefits such as Dell EMC guarantees that for any new purchase of an Isilon F810, for a period of one year from the date of delivery, the Isilon F810 will provide logical usable capacity, including all data, equivalent to at least two times (2x) the usable physical capacity.

Dell EMC also released its new unstructured data and workload management software, ClarityNow. ClarityNow is complimentary to both Dell EMC Isilon and ECS, enabling a unified global file system view across heterogeneous distributed storage and the cloud. Not only will users be able to gain better insights into both file data usage and storage capacity, the software will enable users to move files anywhere within the unified global files system. This software can build of off the above allowing for better insights, performance, and more efficient use of storage resources. 


Dell EMC Isilon F810 and Dell EMC ClarityNow software are available now. 

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