by Adam Armstrong

Dell Introduces Zero-Day Malware Prevention for Thin Clients & VDI

This week Dell Cloud Client-Computing announced two new security solutions, the Dell Data Protection | Threat Defense for Windows-based thin clients and Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise. These new solutions are designed to provide organizations with advanced threat prevention that spans from the endpoints to the data center for Windows-based thin clients and virtual desktops. Building off of its Dell Data Protection portfolio, Dell is taking it security to the thin client and VMs in an effort to stop security threats at the end point.

VDI and thin clients on a popular OS are considered by most to be fairly safe. While it is true that there is no data on the edge, it does not mean that malware can not affect the network either through a locally-accessed web browser, USB stick or other locally connected peripheral device. In fact, 95% of all threats originate on the edge, therefore endpoints need security whether or not there is any data residing there. Dell’s new security solutions are aimed to not only secure the endpoints but to protect all facets of an organization’s Windows-based VDI environment.

Unlike traditional security software that discerns a threat and reacts, Dell’s new solution uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze files before execution. That means it can find dangerous files before they can run and possibly damage the system. Again traditional security software relies on signature updates, Dell’s solutions can protect against the latest malware including ransomware and zero-day threats without waiting for an update. And the final benefit Dell’s new solutions have over traditional security software is that it has very little impact on CPU and RAM resources, meaning that the end-user will not be negatively impacted.

Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise also offers data encryption at rest and in motion. This encryption would prevent attackers from obtain usable data in the event of a breach. This solution is available across all Windows virtual desktops running Citrix, Microsoft or VMware software. Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise provides IT resources with a simple way to remotely manage all security components using a single, non-disruptive console, and easily generate compliance reports to satisfy industry standards including PCI DSS, HIPAA and HITECH.

While being able to stop threats before they happen sounds great what happens you an organizations doesn’t run Dell products or runs Dell and other products. Threat Defense and Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise and be deployed across both Dell and non-Dell systems. Companies deploying Windows thin clients from any compatible manufacturer will be able to use these new Dell security solutions. The solutions will also be available to be bundled with Dell’s Wyse Windows-based thin clients.


Dell Data Protection | Threat Defense and Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise is expected to be available in July 2016.

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