by Adam Armstrong

Dell Launches Latest Version of Fluid File System

Today Dell Inc. announced that they have launched the latest version of its scale-out NAS solution, Fluid File System (FuildFS) version 4. The latest version of FuildFS is available on the Dell Compellent FS8600 now and will be available on EqualLogic later this year. FluidFS v4 will help customers manage the growth in the number and size of user files and also support file-based workflows in specialized areas like medical imaging, media and entertainment, and scientific research.

Version 4 of FluidFS will deliver better performance at a lower price and helps customers avoid expensive hardware upgrades. The latest version of the scale-out NAS enables customers to cluster four FS8600 appliances giving a performance up to 494,000 max SPECsfs file OPS and a throughput of 11.9GB/s. The FS8600 with FluidFS v4 can handle 16TB files and has a total capacity of 4PB in a single namespace, this is twice as much capacity as the previous FluidFS. Customers will also be able to leverage all of the strengths of the Compellent Storage Center platform.

Benefits of FS8600 with FluidFS v4 include:

  • Automated teiring
  • Thin provisioning
  • Optimized for SSDs
  • 84-drive SC280 enclosure
  • Copilot support
  • 48GB of memory per controller
  • Support for more protocols such as: SMB 3, NFS 4/NFS 4.1, and full IPv6 networking.


The latest version of FluidFS and the FS8600 will begin shipping today.

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