by Adam Armstrong

Dell Technologies Forms A Wide-Ranging Partnership With McLaren

Today Dell Technologies and McLaren Racing Limited announced a multi-faceted, long-term partnership. This will help bring the full range of Dell’s technologies, including Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, Secureworks, Virtustream and VMware, to McLaren and all of its groups including McLaren Racing and McLaren Applied Technologies, as well as benefitting McLaren’s esports programme, World’s Fastest Gamer.

The McLaren Technology Group is in the process of creating a high-performing hybrid cloud, the first part of this transformation was just completed. The hybrid cloud leverages Dell EMC compute, storage, and infrastructure management software in its data center services. Not only will this new partnership expand upon the above, the company can take what Dell has to offer and integrate it into design, manufacturing, trackside operations, telemetry, safety-critical ecosystems, storage, esports and simulation, fan engagement and guest experience.

As the partnership continues the two companies can work on future projects such as security, cloud, digital and workplace transformation technologies.

This does bring back memories for some of the PR stunt EMC pulled a few years ago when it had a semi-truck jump over an EMC F1 Lotus (video here). Perhaps this impressive stunt led Zak Brown down the eventual path of partnering with the company. 

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