by Bill Valle

Diablo Technologies Memory Channel Storage (MCS) Announced

Diablo Technologies is announcing its Memory Channel Storage (MCS), which uses the standard RDIMM memory interface to support the lowest latency for SSD storage attached via the DDR-3 CPU channel. This technology represents a drastic improvement in latency reduction, which ranges from 85% compared with PCIe based SSD storage to as great as a 96% reduction when compared to SATA/SAS based SSD storage. In addition to block storage, MCS can also enable system memory to expand from gigabytes to terabytes. MCS fits a range of applications from blade servers to virtual server environments.

Diablo’s MCS allows flash memory to be used for the first time in ultra-low latency applications that demand deterministic latency with no performance load spikes. This technology is also extremely valuable for blade servers, where the size and number of PCIe slots limits the range of scalability via traditional methods of adding SSD storage. Putting the SSD storage directly on the CPU memory bus allows the entire application data set to reside in CPU memory space which gives another magnitude of performance to demanding enterprise applications.

MCS is extremely well suited for virtual server environments, large financial applications and any other applications which require large data sets, extremely low latency responses, and other real-time solutions where traditional SSD implementation may not suffice. Founded in 2003, Diablo is successfully delivering products that enhance the performance and capability of memory system designs, and with their MCS offering they have a unique approach to storage enhancements utilizing SSD technology in a different way.

Diablo Technologies MCS 

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