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Drobo B810n Hybrid Storage System Now Available

Drobo has announced the B810n, a hybrid storage system based on the company’s BeyondRAID technology, which is leveraged in most other Drobo storage solutions. Featuring hybrid storage and data aware tiering, the company indicates that B810n is 5x faster than its predecessor and offers users advanced automation and technical features. Drobo has also designed their new hybrid storage solution to be accessible as possible, making it ideal for home offices, and small and medium-sized businesses and even those looking for a home entertainment hub. 

Drobo has built the B810n to simplify and consolidate both physical and virtual storage in a single array with the ability to scale both capacity and performance on-demand. This makes way for improved work collaboration, creative workflows, and allows users to set up an advanced home entertainment system with personal media libraries.

Hybrid Storage and Tiering 

The Drobo B810n offers an efficient mix of high-capacity HDDs and high performance SSDs, as they automatically collaborate together for both read and write acceleration. To achieve this, Drobo indicates that it intelligently differentiates between streaming and transactional data to enable an instantaneous and intelligent data tiering. As a result, this can increase overall performance by guiding transactional data (e.g. hot data) to the SSDs. As a user changes their patterns in data access, the B810n will automatically reallocate the data between the HDDs and SSDs to maximize performance.

The Drobo B810n is equipped with several new features in data protection including:

  • Battery-backed cache and eUSB, both of which will protect data that has not yet written to disk from loss in the sudden event of power failure or other type of malfunction. 
  • Active background data scrubbing, which intermittently verifies all user data and metadata, and regularly searches and repairs corruption and inconsistencies. In addition, the cache pre-heat functionality provides recovery after power failure of cache metadata saved to disk. 
  • The BeyondRAID technology protects users’ data without any intervention, even when multiple drive failures occur. As such, users can switch from single to dual disk redundancy with a single click, giving them enterprise-level dual parity data protection. If a drive somehow fails, the Drobo solution will automatically return the data to a protected state without intervention or disruption. 

Pricing and Availability

The Drobo B810n is now available and is priced at $1,599.

Drobo B810n

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